STOP the slaughter house in JiLin, China - Dog Meat Trade

Hong Kong journalists have recently exposed a large-scale dog slaughterhouse in JiLin, China. More than 10,000 dogs are slaughtered every year in this single facility for the production of “dog meat instant noodles”, which are sold all around China and also exported to South Korea.

According to the reports, the dogs are obtained through trading, hunting, breeding or even stealing, while they all end up being killed in the same extremely inhumane way.

Each enclosure at the slaughterhouse keeps around 40 dogs, with a total of more than 100 enclosures in the place. The bloody dog massacre takes place every night. Their slaughter process is violent and cruel: The worker goes into an enclosure with a metal stick in his hand, repeatedly hit it on any dogs in sight until all dogs in that enclosure are abused to death. Some dogs are lucky enough to die after a few heavy hits, while the others are injured and covered in blood, not letting out a moan but silently waiting for their next hit and watching their friends being killed. As observed, the dogs hardly try to run away from the worker as if they have already accepted their sad fate, or maybe because they are simply too frightened to resist. More than 300 dogs are slaughtered this way every night at the dog slaughterhouse. Nothing seems to touch the workers, not the despair in their eyes, not the groan of pain and fear.

25 years-old worker Ah-Keung, who has been working for the slaughterhouse for two years, told the reporter that his salary has been raised from RMB$900 to RMB$1,100 since he joined the company for six month and become an “experienced butcher”.

“Not a single dog can get out of this place alive,”said Ah-Keung. “Not even if they are intelligent enough to speak human language”.

The above case shows a decline in humanity in China followed by its economic prosperity. We are very lucky to live in somewhere where lives are far more respected. As China is growing bigger and stronger, it must be reminded the importance of humanity and morality. The world must show awareness to this problem in China now before it is too late to be altered.

The dog bleeds in China  The human nature in the world is in the loss .

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I am writing today to urge the immediate end of dog meat trade.

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