Award Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel "The Cat Man of Aleppo" a Nobel Peace Prize!

  • by: Lenicka Roozendaal
  • recipient: The Norwegian Nobel Committee (Prize Awarder for the Nobel Peace Prize)

Several years ago, an ambulance driver in Aleppo, Syria named Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel started buying a little bit of meat every day to feed cats who had been left behind by people fleeing the war in Syria.

Alaa's simple daily acts of kindness transformed into a shelter with hundreds of cats. It was a place where children could forget the destruction and grief of the war for a moment by visiting the animals and enjoying their company. Alaa gives people and animals alike hope and a bit of sunshine.

Alaa not only cares for the abandoned cats and dogs, but he also cares for the people. After the bombing attacks in August, he cared for the children of the victims and their families. He did this for Ibrahim, the son of Abu Ward, who was the last gardener of Aleppo and was killed by a bombing attack. Alaa cares for everyone who needs help, people and animals alike.

But now, the cat shelters are destroyed. The Mail Online reports that his cat sanctuary is being targeted for repeated bombings, and many of the cats have been killed. Even his ambulance was destroyed. To keep the animals safe, he has asked people fleeing the area to take some of the cats with them, while he takes shelter indoors. Luckily, Alaa and the rest of the cats are safe for the moment. He even has a new ambulance to do his job now, which is vitally important in a place where even buses with refugees are under attack.

Incredibly, Alaa is still trying to care for the cats who remain. Supplies are more scarce now, so he is feeding them with rice mixed with a bit of meat. Alaa says he has taken a vow to protect these innocent, vulnerable animals and that he will stay with them "no matter what."

We must show our support for this brave man and help him! Many people have sent him donations from all over the world but the prices of all the food are extremely high at the moment. Award him the Nobel Peace Prize and show how much the world values this compassionate, brave soul! 

Watch Alaa's cat sanctuary in action here:

Photos courtesy of Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel






The official letter to the Nobel Committee is in the making. A lot of the comments on the petition are worth it to be incorporated into this letter.


Update #27 years ago
Dear Signatories
On January 28 2017 I shall close this petition and send it to the Nobel Committee.
The deadline for sending , is before February 1 this year.
I thank you all for signing and I hope that we shall have 115.000 signatures on the day of closing.
A nice number of signatures in less than 2 months.
Thank you again and if you didn't share till now , please share it yet !
With kind regards ,
Lenička Roozendaal
Update #17 years ago
Famous 'Cat man of Aleppo' under siege as two of his cat sanctuaries are bombed and he hands off some cats to people fleeing the area as he hunkers down inside
Aljalee was able to move the remaining cats to a secure room in Aleppo, but then bombs hit that too he was able to hand off some cats to people fleeing the area hoping to reach safety
Now Aljalee is hunkered down in an undisclosed location as if he goes outside he may be killed
Remaining cats are still being fed with rice.
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