Ban Animal Circuses Everywhere!

Many circuses boast about their exotic displays of animals and amazing feats. What they don't tell you? The abuse that they suffer to entertain humans. Everytime people buy a ticket, online or in person, they're supporting it. Paying for an elephant ride/pony ride at the circus? Also supporting it. These animals live in FEAR & are in cages so small they can't even turn around. The animals display Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) such as: elephants swaying side to side, constant ear flapping, tigers and lions constantly pacing their cages or camels rocking, pacing or spitting. These are stereotypical behaviors of circus animals, which are claimed to be normal. This behavior is NOT normal - This is mental insanity from the fear, stress and conditions they're put under. Let’s work together to stop this fear and abuse to the voiceless - Let's make 2014 the GLOBAL switch to make ANIMAL circuses into HUMAN ONLY circuses!

It is time to forever boycott the circus! These animals are slaved and put into CONSTANT fear for our entertainment. These "amazing feats" are unnatural humiliation and fear. It's time to make circuses HUMAN ONLY! Let's take animals out of the equation - It's time to give them a voice! 

Update #13 years ago
We're making progress! Let's shoot for 1,000 signatures, this is when people start to pay attention. Our voices NEED to be heard for the voiceless who are abused & can't speak. Please help me hit this goal so I can message Congress & these circuses that we've had ENOUGH of animal slavery. Thank-you everyone for your support around the world, we CAN and WILL make a difference!
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