Tell Canadian Government more funding is needed to combat suicide & mental health

  • by: Tracey Rose
  • recipient: Canadian Government-health department

Please sign this petition to support more funding for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Suicide is the third leading cause of death worldwide and is 100% preventable. Suicide is a symptom of mental illness.  The problems we face are;

  • Hospital waits to see a crisis team can be five hours or more depending on location
  • There are few psychiatrists and therapists per town available
  • Psychiatrists only prescribe medications. They do not talk about patient issues because of time restraints due to the numbers of people in need. This is especially true in larger cities
  • Medications prescribed for mental illness are not monitored by physicians as closely as they should be
  • The wait-list is up to one year to receive an appointment with a psychiatristl or therapist
  • There are not enough beds for hospital inpatient treatment. Many who need admittance are turned away
  • The price for a private facility is upwards of $15,000.00 or more and there is no help from health and welfare to obtain a bed in one of these facilities

Every 40 seconds someone chooses suicide somewhere in the world. This is a WORLDWIDE issue and the stats keep rising.  By 2020 the suicide clock could be at 20 seconds.

This will not stop until your grief, loss and outrage turns into action to unite for CHANGE!

Make no mistake, this is a fight for LIFE!  Suicide does not discriminate.  My best friend died by suicide. My son had suicidal ideations as did l.  My world changed forever. I never thought for a moment suicide and mental illness would affect my life so drastically.

LOOK, LISTEN AND ABSORB what is happening around you regarding mental illness and suicide.

Soldiers currently in the armed forces and who previously served die more often by suicide then in all war zones combined.

Children as young as 11 are choosing suicide and the age is getting younger. These are children!

Teens are the fastest rising group suffering with depression and killing themselves. Teens are going to teachers for help and unfortunately far to many are ill equipped to handle these situations. 

Adults between the ages of 52 and 72 are rising at an alarming rate due to the aging population and our governments are still not prepared to deal with this.

There is still little education on both suicide and mental illness especially when 90% of all suicides are people suffering with some form of mental illness.

There are few places to go when someone is in crisis. There are very few psychiatrists or therapists and many people cannot afford to pay for one, much less medication available if they do not have a plan. Crisis lines are busy or they take messages due to lack of funding. Hospitals are overcrowded and use the barbaric turnstile approach.  Does this seem right to you?

The stigma on suicide and mental illness is alive and well keeping people who suffer in the darkness alone. Many parents who have lost a child to suicide are ashamed to tell anyone how their child truly died due to the stigma. 

Statistically speaking if someone you love is not facing a mental illness or have suicidal thoughts, sadly they will. This is why you must sign this petition. Doing nothing is no longer an option. It's time to invest in humanity!


Update #23 years ago
Now is the time to take this petition seriously. Suicide is rising. Funding for education is needed. Suicide is the third leading cause of death worldwide. Don't let a loved one become a statistic. We must break the stigma! Invest in humanity!
Update #14 years ago
In one day we received over 100 signatures. This is fantastic!

Millions of people use Care2, and they have written to me and said they love sending new and popular campaigns. If we can reach 500 signatures on your own, care2 will add our petition to their list of viral campaigns and consider it for promotion to their members!

Together we can do this!
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