Demand Justice for Patrick the Pitbull! Send Kisha Curtis to Prison!

  • by: Kim Daten
  • target: New Jesersy Mayor, Carolyn A. Murray, Acting Essex County Prosecutor

Kisha Curtis, 28, was charged with animal cruelty when she straved Patick the Pitbull, placed him in a garbage bag and dropped him down a garbage chute. She has plead not guilty and now is on the verge of getting this act completely wiped off her record like it never happened! Sign this petition and hope to bring attention to the court that THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED! Make a stand that this is not okay and that she should be punished to the full extent of the law!

In signing this petiton you are in turn saving a life and putting people like Kisha Curtis away! You are saving a life because making crimes like this have a harsh punishment will help prevent the harm of pitbulls and other dogs everywhere! Animal Abuse should not be allowed and Kisha Curtis should not get away with straving a helpless puppy to the point of death and then dropping him down a trash chute or leaving him in the hallway alone with no food. She should go to prison for a long time and not the few months and/or small fine she seems to be in line for or the unfair program to remove this from her record completely. It's attempted murder and it's toruture to this poor little guy! Stop her now!

Dear Mayor and/or Carolyn A. Murray, Acting Essex County Prosecutor,

Our words have gone unheard for some time and the story almost long forgotten. Patrick the Miracle dog that was thrown down a garbage chute deserves justice for the acts against him. Kisha Curtis deserves jail time and not delayed court dates to prolong this. She starved, bagged up, neglected, and tossed this defenseless dog down a high rise garbage chute and is walking away from it all. Make it a point to stop people like this once and for all. Please, as all of us who have signed this petition we are hoping for justice for this defenseless dog. Yes he is a pit-bull but he has proven to be a loving companion that most people forget. Pit bulls are animals that wish to be loved to. As most of the people signing this petition many of us own dogs or are just animal lovers in general who wish to see that even the smallest or biggest of animals get justice. She was all over the news and certainly all over the internet. People still support Patrick and keep tabs on his well being daily/. They have not given up hope that justice will be made and I hope you can help bring that to the light that so many people wish for Kisha Curtis to be punished to the full extent of the law.
Thank you so much for your time in reading this,
The Supporters of Patrick the Miracle Dog.

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