STOP - This is racist & Tyranny is FEAR MONGERING to DECEIVE YOU,- human violation against everyone !

I see that in my rights according to SK laws and across Canada the following;
I'm using this as an example for you to understand as this applies to you and everyone else.

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code protects your right to equality without discrimination based on the protected characteristics of disability, age (18 or more), religion or religious creed, family status, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, race or perceived race, nationality, place of origin, ancestry, colour, receipt of public assistance, and gender identity.

It's against the law for someone to discriminate against you for any of these reasons in contracts, education, employment, housing, professional trades and associations, publications, purchase of property, occupations, trade unions or public services.

It has come to my attention that from the above (re Sk laws) I have a right with the above have found there is a serious discrepancy to my life and yours being threatened

 Recently a law without proper qualification discussion and thorough understanding has been enacted against us !

The law has assumed I am incompetent, unable to decide and make decisions for myself, has become extremely discriminatory against us,
Has been in attempt to remove a contract I was allowed to do legally. Has told me that property I have purchased is possibly, and may (?) no longer allowed to be in my possession.

Please allow me to explain, A younger person than myself has been put into authority of considerable difference of age

Attempting to tell me I am incompetent (Not capable) of making intelligent decisions at my age

Assuming what I am doing is a criminal offence without consideration of whom he hurts mentally without regards to giving his decisions a complete analysis to the true problem at hand.

 In other words I am no longer able to think for myself, Which is extremely humiliating. He is telling me by dictatorship how I am supposed to live my life, without my life being in good standing without any criminal record that should allow such incompetent decision to be made.

He is telling me publicly to the world I am no longer to indulge in my personal desires and am supposed to be limited in my personal life, Where I have been doing this function of living long before he was born. With no encumbrances or faults related.

This man with his assumed authority, has been found not being able to identify and recognize the difference between a symptom and the actual problems. That has occurred and brought to this man's attention, and he is throwing the onus on my innocence.

I believe in the past this discrepancy is being brought to this mans attention to reconsider to correct a wrong, To properly Identify a Problem rather than to assume a symptom as the problem, But he refuses to admit his errors and correct his decision
Costing me much grief and funds,

It can be shown in the following statement below the relationship of an unjust decision and the incompetence of the man himself.
Would you please consider posing this to the man and enlighten his bad decision to be corrected so it doesn't cost me funds and personal degradation to end of my existence
I would like to enjoy the pleasures of my life unto the end without being stunted/
...........................Recently you know that - Trudeau announced gun control as a (PROBLEM) in his words or to that effect.

It has come to light that the man and the liberals do not know the difference between a symptom and a problem.

Along with putting false accusations of words that are not true in the media to try and enforce his gun control act !

 Brainwashing the public and directing the actual problem from the real problem.

Let's try to break this down. Trudeau seems to be speaking from lack of understanding, putting fear to the public by using the media, and accepting fear mongers opinion to drive him off the correct course of action !  

He says some guns are made to kill many people at a time ! or anything ! Which is true, BUT !

There is a big problem right there. Does a gun of any kind actually kill ?
The answer is a definite NO !

He is claiming a wrong that guns kill. When it's the criminal that kills.

You know and I know that guns left on a table loaded or not  CANNOT KILL !

You and I know it takes a criminal element to commit a crime and to use any object to kill. Knives and vehicle accidents are more than 20 x more than guns - yet no one is complaining of the drunks that have done this.-
What he is saying guns kill is a crime.- Are they wanting to take vehicles away ? That is false action right there. They are complaining about drunks, NOT THE VEHICLES. ----- WHY THE DISCREPANCY?

It is a criminal that commits the crime - Some one has to break this man's train of thought, whether in court or not. - He is too embarrassed to change his decision !

He is putting false information into the media and public that is not true.-
It is a criminal that commits the crime, -Not just any particular type of gun.

In a recent story just said a home invader shot someone (Is that a crime or not? Yes -

But Is it the gun's fault ? NO, A gun does not think, but it is the criminal that committed the crime.
Can a gun by itself do an act of criminal offence ? NO !

Can anyone take this brain lacking, who thinks he is God to court and prove he is incompetent and does not know the difference between a symptom and a problem ?

And have him and his liberal government removed from government as incompetent !
-He is definitely hurting innocent people,
just because of a CRIME done by CRIMINALS ! -NOT THE GUN - A GUN IS NOT A CRIMINAL !
He blames GUNS and not the criminal or the act of a crime !

How can what I said be explained to break the back of this great injustice ?

I purchased a legal handgun for later use when I go prospecting up north in the Yukon and northern BC - by myself.-
To help protect myself from unwanted animal attacks.-
When I have been attacked with a close call from a cougar,- Unfortunately bear spray was not first at hand and adequate to stop this animal and I had to shoot it.

Besides being in the wilderness for several weeks, You cannot depend on just bear spray alone as it runs out after a few encounters. You're working in a creek bed and an animal approaches you, You use your bear spray a few times and it's gone, But one can scare off most animals with the loud crack of a shot being fired, and at least if the predator does keep coming, You have a chance to prevent an unfortunate situation. 

Do you think that just because some people are crying foul (where criminals roam) that they should rule the roost to prevent others even from their pleasures, and especially to protect themselves.

When you and I know that criminals will still have these guns mentioned and getting more !

And the final event being just because he wants to please some people, this will cost everyone millions of dollars to implement !

When if he used any brains that he doesn't seem to have , Could do a much better job of improving the justice system to be extremely hard on criminal acts - WITH MINIMAL COST TO THE PUBLIC.

As an example, armed gun crimes, lock the man or person up for life,- No excuses !
They will be scared to use a gun. A gun crime for killing or murder to be exact, The death penalty ! No excuses ! Except in self defence. 

As it is now, criminals get a slap on the wrist and get out for good behaviour. - There is the problem (above) and the solution ! With considerably less cost to all of us !

Too many times the criminals get off Scot free and the victim suffers !
Does the life of a 20 year old with all his life ahead of him, equal a criminal killing him and getting 20 years and getting off for good behaviour ? It happens here in Canada a lot !

This is not justice ! criminals laugh at it. - 

Tell me if some one is screaming murder rape etc. count as an act or a criminal offence? And should you act on just hearing said ? NO it is just talk, screaming talk, fear mongering ! But the actual act is a criminal offence. Just the same when people are screaming gun control (fear mongering) is that actually a criminal offence or just rhetoric of the voice of fear ?
It's the same as one crying in the wilderness !

He assumes guns are the problem when I clearly show you that he is assuming guns are a problem when in fact the crime being done is a symptom and the criminal is the problem !

Do you comprehend what I just said? and what can be done before he causes not only me but you a serious problem in financial debt, when if he went after the justice system. The cost would be extremely small compared to this injustice he is doing !

And after consideration the fact remains natives  (And just like Quebec also consider themselves a separate nation) to be a racist situation here in Canada where the natives consider themselves above the law and will claim this because we are a separate nation and do not have to adhere and follow this assumed law. 

Please confirm a positive response for me and many others related to this situation.


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