Justice for Pigs Subjected to Needless Cruelty and Hold Wal-Mart Accountable With Consequences

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: Minnesota Government Officials, Wal-Mart Officials

Please sign and share this petition to hold Wal-Mart accountable through punishment for abusing and torturing pigs needlessly.  The pigs kept at the Wal-Mart pork suppliers are living in horrifying conditions!  I began to watch the video and was so sickened that I could not go on.  I was in tears.  These animals live in a tiny enclosure, too small to even turn around in.  The enclosures are filthy and fly-infested.

The tiny piglets get their tails and testicles sliced off while they scream for their lives.  The sows are beat, punched and more.  It is so disgusting. These practices are being looked into by an undercover private investigator that collected first-hand evidence, including video footage, of inhumane treatment of pigs raised and slaughtered at the facility.  These cruel practices are at the Pipestone System’s Rosewood Farms in Pipestone, Minnesota and are being handled by the County Sheriff’s Office. An informant at the Mercy for Animals organization worked undercover and witnessed all the abuse first hand.                

The informant, a Mr. Rice, stated that the poor animals live in "nightmarish conditions." "Pregnant pigs are confined in tiny metal crates that are just barely big enough to hold them," he said of the factory farm. "They're basically immobile for their entire lives. They can't turn around, they can't lie down comfortably, and they suffer from large open wounds and pressure sores from rubbing against the bars.” Sows are going mad due to the conditions and smash their heads against the bars plus bite out of stress and frustration.  Further investigation is underway but nothing has been done to stop this abuse and cruelty. 

You can see the full story on these poor animals and the conditions they have to endure and the cruelty they experience – read http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/31/walmart-pigs-abuse-video-mercy-for-animals_n_4178768.html Change begins with awareness and holding the abusers accountable!!!  We must stand up for these animals, living in these horrifying conditions!!  Stop the abuse and make Wal-Mart pay for the abuse on these animals! 

Please sign and share this petition to hold Wal-Mart accountable through punishment for abusing and torturing pigs needlessly. 

Minnesota Government Officials, Wal-Mart Officials – You need to do some investigation of this issue and help these animals.  Wal-Mart is critically abusing the pigs needlessly and they are getting away with it.  You need to implement better regulations and punish those that fail to follow.  The animals are subjected to torture and cruelty at the hands of vicious people who are abusers!  Hold these people at Wal-Mart accountable for the animal abuse and cruelty and install proper punishment.  The animals do not deserve to be tortured and abused!!!

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