• by: Gungor Benturk

The "YULIN DOG MEAT FESTIVAL" has to be cancelled and abolished in CHINA immediately; this is nothing but cruelty, it is wilfully torturing defenceless animals, this is being inhumane and uncivilized; peopel who commit cruelty to animals are no doubt are spiritually and psychologically sick people and they have to be disciplined, they are people who are no good for the community, they have to be severely punished and severe punishments have to be imposed by the Chinese government against people who torture animals and who eat dogs and cats. The capture and punishement of these sort of people would do good for the community because this would create the means of being able to select these people to take them away from the community as they are harmful to the community, this would mean cleansing harmful no-good people from the community, such barbaric people would do no good for their country as well, so why continue this barbaric festival ? The "YULIN DOG MEAT FESTIVAL" is not a tradition, it is barbaric and cruelty, a festival of this kind should not be regarded as a festival, and should be banned, this is inhumane, these kind of festivals and events should be disciplened and abolished by the Chinese Authorities.

In the "YULIN DOG MEAT FESTIVAL", the dogs are slaughtered behind closed doors instead of in public..A group of Chinese dog lovers led by Chinese action artist Pian Shan Kong came to a dog meat market in YULIN CITY IN CHINA ( Festival of Dog Eating ) of Guangxi campaigning against eating dog.

There are horrific stories of dogs being beaten, electrocuted, burnt and skinned, often whilst still alive and conscious. The conditions the dogs are kept are beyond cruel and they lead miserable lives whilst awaiting their terrifying end.
Jurisdiction, laws in a country also has to cover and protect animals, trees, plants, even the fish of that country as they do for the human beings, the governments must act even more seriously about protecting animals by covering them in their jurisdictions because they are defenceless, this would be an honour.

I beg the Chinese government to do something about this.

A big nation like China with rich culture and traditions shoud not be blemished with these barbaric events. China doesn't deserve this.

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