We Need Stricter Laws and Punishment for Teens that Placed Kitten in Microwave as a prank

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: South Portland High School Official and All State Legislators

Kids are continually abusing animals for “fun” and this has got to STOP!!  Just recently a couple of teen girls in Maine had nothing fun to do.  They took a sweet and innocent 8-week old kitten, placed it in the microwave oven and turn it on!!!!!!!!  How can anyone look at such a sweet being and purposely try to destroy it when all it wants to do is love you, life and just live as it was meant to do?  Where are kids leaning how to be so mean and cruel if it is not in their own homes, schools and among their peers. 

These disturbed young girls who actually live in South Portland thought they would make a “cute” but disturbing video and share it on Twitter.  This how they got caught for their appalling and abusive behavior.  The South Portland police were alerted and began an investigation when numerous tips came in regarding this devastating twitter post. 

The video shows one girl places the cat in the microwave, closes the door and appears to turn it on before shooting the film. Police aren't sure how long the oven was on. The other girl then removes the kitten that is estimated to be about 8 weeks old.

When the girls were found through all the tips, they are faced with animal cruelty charges and issued summons to face the punishment for the crime.  It turns out these girls are 15 year-old South Portland High School students who are not named because of their ages.  Obviously punishment is not severe enough and kids are not raised to have love, compassion and respect for all living beings or such acts of animal cruelty and abuse would not continue, especially among such young people who are not born with these horrific types of behavior. 

The good news is that the kitty was rescued and is currently up for adoption at the local no-kill shelter.

We have got to teach our children!  They are not born with the instinct to hurt, kill and abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

South Portland High School Official and All State Legislators -

South Portland High School Official and All State Legislators – Although all kids should learn love and respect in the home, programs need to be instilled in the classrooms nationwide on how disturbing and appalling animal abuse and cruelty is; that all of nature’s creatures deserve to live happy lives as intended.  Maybe if you would enforce stricter punishments for these young people abusing and cruelly treated animals. Step up laws, regulations and retribution.  If they got more than just a slap on the hand, kids would not take it so lightly to mistreat the creatures without a voice!!

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