We all know that the school system needs repairing.
The current school system operates like a factory. Students have a certain amount of time to get graded and they're either good products or bad products. The system moves students along, after a certain period of time and not when they've fully mastered the current subject matter.
In Sal Khan's book The One World Schoolhouse, he refers to this as Swiss cheese learning.
Students are allowed to pass on the next year subject matter if they obtain a grade of at least 50% That means there is at least 50% of the material that they don't understand. Eventually, all these holes in their learning will catch up to them, and they'll hit a point where the material stops making sense.

The analogy Sal uses is that of a house, you wouldn't build a house on a weak foundation, would you?
But we're constantly doing this to our students by pushing them ahead. Regardless of their mastery over a topic again the current school system is like an assembly line. It values quantity over quality.

Lastly, curriculums are quickly becoming outdated. The world is evolving so rapidly that our older institutions
can't keep up.
If you look at the revolution in human history from agricultural to the information you'll see that gaps between them are getting smaller and smaller. All of the great revolutions in history have also had massive changes In how we educated one another, except for the most recent information age.

This is how education in the future might look like:

Education will likely be digital, automated and highly personalized for the individual. It will go at the students pace and it will require students to master subjects matter before moving on.
It will also be cheaper than ever.
Most of s students education will be based on a laptop with teachers being utilized on an as needed. Education will become more meritocratic. Students will reward the best, educators for their attention and money will start to compete to be the best or to be unique.

As a result, we'll see an increase in the quality of education students get.
The road to this type of education will be a difficult one.
The roots of our current system run deep, the infrastructure is already there.
Meanwhile, the infrastructure for the future education is still in its infancy.

We can see that our current system is starting to show its age because it's somehow Miraculously putting out the flames of human curiosity our youth. Young kids are seeing education as a chore.

I think most of us would agree that the system is outdated. And will leave many students unprepared for rapidly changing future.

I'm exited to see a world where we can bring back a system of education that allows students to find an use their natural talents and inclinations to make the world around them a better place.
I'm exited to see a world where students freely choose to understand the parts of the world that fascinated them, instead of having their natural curiosity snuffed out.

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