Save the Leatherback Sea Turtle -- Take Action...

We all love turtles and the world needs turtles, some people have no idea what turtles do for the oceans and why they are needed lets have a look. They along with other sea creatures keep our ocean eco system in balance two of the most important things they do is the alge groth down and the one of the main things they do is keep the jelly fish population in check and the numbers regulated. But the thing is does an animal of any kind have to do something for humans to be allowed to live ?... NO.   

Now lets look at what we humans are doing to this beautiful creature,  We are destroying their beach habitat for hoilday resorts and beach homes but some of the main things will disgust you, its 2013 and some people in some parts of the world still believe that the turtles eggs are an aphrodisiac they steal them and eat them, they are still illagally hunted all over the world, trapped and killed in long line fishing, are found dead due to eating human plastic waste that they mistake for jellyfish and eat, their egs being stolen, capture in gill nets and the list goes on, what do these animals do to us to deserve this ? NOTHING. No animal deserves to live in these dangers than to the greed and neglegence on humans and we need to take a stand now and start to change this.  

We demand that better laws be put into place to help safe guard the sea turtle, protect its habitat and prosecute those found stealing or killing out turtles and higher fines for those dumping in and around our beaches and oceans. More needs to be done and things need to be put in place to make sure it gets done. The Leatherback Sea Turtles went from a population of hundreds of thousands to between 20 to 30 thousand due to human greed and neglegence we have to take a stand now and protect them. 


I am asking you to sign and share all over to all you know and to help make the change, take the stand and be the voice that they need, they are innocent and they need you, please sign and share and help to get the word out to all you know, I thank you you all. 

With respect always, Peace James Howie. C.O.P.E -- Carers Of Planet Earth. 

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