Declawing Cats is Brutal and Wrong

Did you know that some people declaw their house cats? Proponents of the practice will liken the surgery to getting a manicure, but in actuality, it's the equivalent of cutting a human's finger tips off at the first knuckle. It's inhumane, painful and abusive and we can speak out against it. 

Please sign the petition to tell your legislative representative that declawing must be banned nation wide.

People who choose to declaw their cats may have been misled about how it would affect their cat. Or, they may just be very selfish and unwilling to live with a whole cat. Even the American Veterinary Medical Association thinks declawing should not be used all the time.

Declawing a cat is extremely painful for the cat. They have to relearn how to walk after the procedure and continue to feel pain in their paws for their rest of their lives. The procedure involves actually amputating the bones in a cat's paws. Cats can also become more aggressive after losing their claws as that is their first line of defense and without it, they can feel insecure and threatened all of the time. Declawed cats are also more likely to go to the bathroom outside their box. 

The only real benefit to declawing your cat is to save your furniture. But most cats can be trained to use scratching posts instead and clawing things is a really important part of cat behaviour. You can also trim your cat's nails to minimize scratching affects. This is the equivalent of getting a manicure. There are also semi-permanent paw covers you can use to prevent scratching. There are so many options aside from painful surgery that leaves your cat disabled.  If you have to mutilate and torture a cat to live with it, you probably shouldn't be allowed to have a cat. 

Declawing has been outlawed in many cities, but so far no states have banned it. And 21 countries besides the US have banned the practice as well. It's time that we stand up as a nation against this horrifying practice. Sign this petition and your signature will be sent to your legislative representative telling them how you feel. 

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