UK Government: Recognise Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome as a disability

Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome is a debilitating condition, rarely known about in the UK. It mainly effects children but is becoming more common in adults too. A sufferer of the condition experiences recurrent episodes of nausea and vomiting. The nausea and vomiting leaves a sufferer unable to function, work or go to school. 

I suffer with CVS and it has overcome my life. I am 22, live independently with my partner and struggle to hold down jobs. I have had four hospitalisations since Jan 2017 (15/05/17 now) and suffer badly between hospitalisations. My regular admittances mean I am regularly absent from work, bed bound and unable to function.

In the UK it is not recognised as a disability. This condition can leave a sufferer very sick and vomiting for hours, or even days, at a time. It can be a frightening condition that affects everyday life.

I am asking the Department for Work and Pensions of the UK Government to recognise this debilitating condition as what it is, a disability. It disables me in almost all aspects of my life. I struggle to hold down a job, due to absences, which is an added strain and stress on me. Where am I going to find the money to pay my bills as I haven't been able to work this month??

If CVS was recognised as a disability, my quality of life would be better. I would have a usual, regular income and wouldn't have the stress of not being able to work or constantly being fired.

Please sign my petition to urge the Government to recognise CVS as a disability, so that sufferers like me can get the support we need.

Some cases are so severe that a sufferer requires immediate hospitalisation, for Iv fluids (dangerous dehydration) and Iv pain relief. A sufferer can be left bed ridden or hospitalised for days. The number of "attacks" can vary, as can the space between attacks. Between attacks, after recovery, a sufferer can often feel fine. 

During an attack a sufferer can experience retching and vomiting that often starts in the night or early morning
•vomiting up to five or six times an hour for at least one hour, for up to 10 days
•may not be able to move or respond
•other possible symptoms:
-abdominal pain,
- fever,
- dizziness,
- headache,
- sensitivity to light,
- extremely pale skin,
- drowsiness or unresponsiveness,
- drooling or spitting excess saliva.

Not only do we need recognition of this disease as a disability but we need more awareness of the condition. Right now there is no cure, just management. I believe that this is because its not commonly known about.

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