Stop basic human rights violation in Sudan

    Petition to the Canadian Government
    For the Protection of the Sudanese Citizens and Their Human Rights

    For few days now, the Sudanese people have been launching yet another uprising against the regime of Omar Elbeshir with its twisted fanatic ideology that stole power through a coup thirty years ago, and since then dominated all aspects of life: political, economic, cultural, and social, and lead the country from one failure and disaster to another. The people who are still traumatised by the division of their country, the bloodsheds in Western Sudan, Southern Blue Nile region, Nuba Mountains and Eastern and Northern Sudan, the people who are enduring systematic infringement on their basic human rights and who are devastated by a wide-ranging and all-encompassing deterioration of life conditions exacerbated by flawed and incoherent foreign policies marred by having a head of state wanted by the International Criminal Court, took to the streets all over again in peaceful protests to voice their concerns, manifest their agony and utter dissatisfaction and to express their legitimate and just desire for a meaningful and positive change. All what they are yearning for is stopping the war the regime is continuing against its own people often using insurgents and militias and exacting extreme violence, aggression, destruction, as well as having their human rights respected, the rule of law and a decent life.
    The despotic regime, as it has always been doing, met that with extreme violence and atrocities, and it is committing against the citizens all forms of brutality using live ammunition to disperse the peaceful demonstrations in almost all cities of Sudan which resulted in lost of lives and serious injuries. A large number of the leaders of political parties and civil society organizations have been arrested and they will eventually be brutally tortured. Thinking that it will be able to commit its crimes and conduct its atrocities in total unawareness of the world, the government blocked and limited telecommunication and strived to block social media including Facebook and Twitter.
    Canada, by its unwavering statements and uncompromising actions, has proven that it stands on the right side of history and beside those who are fighting for their human rights, peace, justice and a dignified life. We call on Canada that the world needs and that not

    long time ago lead the world in serious actions to protect people and their rights, to exert pressure on the government of Sudan to stop oppressing its citizens and depriving them of their basic internationally acknowledged human rights in peacefully expressing their views and vision with regard to their country and to submit to their legitimate desires and will. We plea to the Government of Canada to lead the international community, one more time, in standing beside the oppressed people by employing pressure on the Government of Sudan to protect its citizens and safegurd their rights to free speech, freedom to demonstrate and other basic international human rights.
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