American Singers For Our American Pasttimes!

  • by: Carmen Colon
  • target: To ALL the owners of ALL the American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey teams

I was perplexed at why there was such hatred for a little American boy and a two time Grammy winning artist this past few months. 

Sebastian Cruz, 11, American born and raised - of Mexican Descent

Marc Anthony, 44, American born and raised - of Borinquen Descent

I thought they did our great nation proud. I read the rascist comments made by these people who believed themselves to be upstanding American Citizens. After all, OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM should be sung by only but the purest of the pure.... RIGHT?

Well, then I believe we should do just that. So in the spirit of it all I am requesting that ANY Major American Sports event that has The Star Spangled Banner or God Bless America being sung, should consider ONE OF THESE AMAZING GREAT AMERICANS!  

Cree Summer (Cree)

Ray St. Germain (Métis)

Ben Harper (Cherokee)

Susan Aglukark (Inuk)

Pat Vegas (Yaqui)

Robbie Robertson (Mohawk)

Kinnie Starr (Mohawk)

And I found so many more, but in the interest of getting everyone get back to enjoying the sport itself, this is a good start. Anyone who knows of other TRUE RED-BLOODED AMERICANS who fit the bill can please say so in the comments.

And while people may think this is "tongue in cheek", it is a very serious proposal. To all the owners. I thought the events themselves was to bring about joyous feelings of pride; in our teams, our country, ourselves. Your events have been usurped by the worst kind: those that have no idea of what they speak. I implore you to do as they say.

MAKE AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER months where if THEY want AMERICANS singing those songs, then by George (Washington, Not King II) AMERICANS IS WHAT THEY WILL HAVE! (and maybe, just maybe we can all go back to drinking our American (actually German) beers, eating our American (wow, German again) Pretzels, ok, ok, let's say American (whoa! THREE FOR THREE, Germany!) Hot Dogs! Ok, nevermind about that!


Image from The Native American Music Awards, whose Hall of Fame has even more amazing AMERICAN Singers to choose from.

It's time to start taking Native American music seriously. 
USA Today  

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