The Search for Lucas Hernandez

For nearly 90 days, we have been looking for Lucas Hernandez. We've done our best, asking for volunteers, supporting one another and constantly looking for this lost little boy. We've used what little information we have to make educated guesses on where Lucas was hidden...and we still haven't found him. For the first few weeks after Lucas disappeared, Wichita Police Department searched a number of areas; however, as tips dried up, so did law enforcement searches. That left a few search groups comprised of public volunteers as the only people with boots on the ground scouring as much area as possible every day in the effort to bring this boy home.

We firmly believe that we have a great police department. It is full of men and women who put their lives on the line every single day to preserve the wonderful community we all live in; however, we are left to wonder why WPD doesn't utilize its most powerful tool...the community they serve and protect.

In Tennessee, another sweet young man has disappeared from his home. His name is Joe Clyde Daniels. Even though Dickson County Police know this sweet child has been killed, they still have searched for his remains every single day, and now they are asking their community for assistance. They have reached out to the public to help bring Joe home by organizing a search that combines law enforcement and the volunteers. They currently have over a thousand people signed up for their Saturday search...and the number of volunteers grows every day.

This is what we need to happen here in Wichita. Wichita itself is over 104,697 acres. When you add in the surrounding communities, that number grows astronomically. As one of the lead search groups that has put together multiple volunteer-based searches, FLH consists of about 35 dedicated searchers. When we ask for the public's help, we consistently add about 10 to 15 people to that number. Our biggest turnout has been about 65 people. Lucas deserves more, but each time we ask for volunteers we face the assumption that if the police are no longer interested in searching for Lucas, then why should the public continue to do so?

It is past time to bring Lucas home. Law enforcement needs to work with the public. They need to ask for the community to come together. They need to utilize our willing hearts and sharp eyes. They need to bring us all together to find Lucas Hernandez. I am sure they are hesitant to ask the public to come together when they aren't sure where Lucas might be. We want to assure them that we know there is a chance we might look and find nothing, but that won't stop us from gathering together to bring this sweet boy home.

Please sign this petition to show Wichita Police Department that we are willing, ready and able to come together to support our Law Enforcement and Lucas Hernandez.

Thank you,

FLH: Finding Lucas Hernandez

Update #1about a year ago

Dickson County has a population of 52,000 compared to Sedgwick County’s population of over 510,000, but despite an extremely small populace, the volunteer-based searches for Joe have been markedly larger than the volunteer-based searches for Lucas. They will have over a thousand volunteers for this weekend’s search alone. Can you imagine how much ground a thousand volunteers could search?
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