Punishment for Abusers of two Pitbulls Tortured and Left to Die!

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: Local and State Legislators

The pitbull continues to be abused by unknown demons that seem to go unnoticed and unrewarded!  Two pitbulls were inhumanely treated this month and left to die and the perpetrators that abused them are not to be found and get what they deserve!

Disney the pitbull pup was found severely injured, bleeding and lifeless along the side of the road in Florida.  He couldn’t hold his head up; he was in such bad shape! How could anyone do such a horrific act, abuse a defenseless animal and then throw him along the side of the road to die. Thanks to the Collier County Animal Services and Pitbull crew volunteers, Disney was rehabilitated and fortunate to be a healthy, happy puppy in search of a forever home!

Another pitty was not quite so lucky.  This sweet dog was a severely malnourished pitbull that endured months of torture to include having its limbs pulled apart in a medieval-style “drawing.” Animal rescue stated that she was a pile of beaten bones.  Her bones were pulled apart “Medieval Style,” she was stabbed, beaten and burned for her entire life. This poor animal was left to die in a Boston woods near a playground and discovered by passersby who alerted authorities.  

Other devastating injuries noted by the Animal rescue in Boston also noted the dog had a serpent-like split in her tongue, apparently from a crude cutting procedure. She also had been stabbed in the eye days before being found and calloused bone from repeated blows to the head; the tops of her vertebrae were smashed from her back being beaten, possibly with a board or baseball bat. The dog had to be put out of her pain and we need to find justice for her. The whole store of this poor baby can be found at http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2013/09/vet_dog_endured_medieval_style_torture Please help in finding these “beasts” that took pleasure in brutally treating this animal and all others including Disney; tossing them out like the trash, left to die!!!  Sign and share the petition in an effort to find these abusers and stop such animal abuse and cruelty.  These people need to feel the pain they inflict on these poor innocent creatures!

Local and State Legislators -

Please do something to stop the abuse of innocent animals. Develop stronger, stricter laws against such devastation and enforce harsher punishment for those that cause such pain and cruelty to animals.  Otherwise, these beasts with a violent character will never stop hurting defenseless animals if not properly dealt with and penalized accordingly; similar to the pain and abuse they inflict.  Animals are not just inanimate objects but leaving, breathing creatures that need our help and interception in protecting them from harm.  With stronger laws and retribution along with an observant public, maybe we can put away these torturous “human beings.”

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