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What else can WE say about the Silence of the current African Leadership towards the plight of All people of African Descent on the Continent and those around the World, in North or South America, the Caribbean, or in any part of the world, this has been going on for quite along time and its not an Isolated case as to what recently happened to George Floyd when Life was Strangled out of Him by A white United States government Police Officer in the plain Sight of God and the whole world. This is something that has been going on for the last 500 to 600 years and countless Millions of African Lives have been lost and blood Poured on the American Soil under unjust institutions like courts and the current Industrial prison Complex where African blacks account of 51% of prisoners in United States prisons even though these our people account for a paltry 12% of total United States Population, there is no justified reason apart from the fact that one group has created a world order that looks to economically exploit and demonise Gods own created people, who he created in his own image at the beginning of the Earth.
With the Uniqueness of their Chocolate Skin colour, their unmatched God given strength and speed in sport on the field, their melodious voices that have created countless of beautiful music and their resilience and toughness towards what has happened to them in the last 400 to 600 years, the current World leadership for a very, very long time has demonised and has carried out all types of humanly unspeakable Evils on the black people around the world yet it has been going around in the world in endless Laps preaching the gospel of Human rights to all who don't care to hear the message which they themselves have not been practicing. Some
The Prophet Asks in Matthew 24:3(, Why do they tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people's shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them? In another version of the holy book he asks the same thing, why do they tie up heavy, burdensome loads and lay them on men's shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them?
It is for this reason that the Lord of the Earth and the Heaven Himself has rejected the current Neocolonial, Imperialistic and neoliberal World Leadership from Europe to the United states of America and has in addition added the current African Leadership whose only job has been to please and act cowardly before their masters in Brussels and Washington whiles abandoning their own people who God has given them to lead, they have abandoned them to wallow in an endless cycle of Poverty, they have abandoned them to mistreatment, Murder and slaughter in the Streets of the United states for centuries, mistreatment in Europe, mistreatment in China and India, they have abandoned their bodies to be consumed by the Oceans and seas of the World in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The few Prophets of God and lovers and guides of Humanity that have risen up to speak have been put to death, Martin Luther King Jr of Alabama.
It is on this ground that God has had the cry of his people and judged the land, God has taken the Land away from the Current World Leadership in America and Europe and He has Given the Land to the Blacks, I Repeat, He has Given the Land to the Blacks who have for long been seen as unworthy because God Sees things Far Differently from Men. He God has Clearly Spoken in his Word and said in Ezekiel 11:1-15(
God had seen vacuum in Leadership Around the World and rejected the current leadership, from Brussels to Washington and 96% of African Leadership, this has been due to their continued indifference, Silence and hypocritical acts towards the too much blood and tears that have been shed by his African People at the hands of the current World System that controls the current African Leadership from the Metropolises in Brussels and Washington.
This is no accident that the Current African Leadership has been quiet, God has made it that way because silence is a sign of rest, New leadership must and has been chosen to Arise and that's why young people are speaking up about the current unjust system in the world that is the source of so much racism among God's People, the huge and obscene income inequality that has engulfed the World over where the top 26 richest people in the world own and control as much wealth as 50% of the World Population, this is the source of the dissatisfaction and demonstrations that are happening around the World in Western, Arab and African Capitals, to Quote Oxfam the world's top Authority on income inequality, Published: 22nd January 2018, 82% of the wealth generated last year(2017) went to the richest one percent of the global population, while the 3.7 billion people who make up the poorest half of the world saw no increase in their wealth, according to a new Oxfam report released today. The report is being launched as political and business elites gather for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Therefore, African Youth must rise to the Occasion because God has given them the task of rebuilding Africa by taking the following Steps:

1. Demand for an immediate AFRICAN UNITY GOVERNMENT by talking about African United Government now, this is through sharing the messages throughout all social media networks, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, on radio, TV stations, this is within the reach of every Person who has a smart Phone.

2. Demanding that the AFRICAN UNITY NOW comes with the appointment (NOT ELECTION) of individuals who are known to the Africans and African youth themselves to be speaking and representing the interests of all the African Peoples around the World, in North or South America, the Caribbean, or in any part of the world. These are the Individuals that have been Known lately to be speaking for the Good of African people all around the World:

b) DR. ARIKANA CHIOMBORI (Former Ambassador of AU I United States)
c) DR. AKINWUMI ADESINA (President Africa Development Bank)
d) DR. CLAUDE ANDERSON (Powernomics)
f) MR. PAUL KAGAME (President Rwanda)
g) MR. JOHN POMBE MAGUFULI (President Tanzania
h) MR. NANA KWAME BEDIAKO (aka Freedom Jacob Caesar)
i) And Others as many Africans and Youth All around the world in North or South America, the Caribbean, or in any part of the world may Chose to add to the List.

3. It should be noted that these individuals are merely Custodians of a New United African State in whatever form it maybe and their work is to go around the World and Assemble a team of experts that will construct a new form of Just , Legal and Humane Government for all the People of African descent which is Unique in its Characteristics by the virtue of the fact that it represents the African Personality and Identity, who is and as shown to be very Humanistic, more Tolerant and Hospitable in his Nature.

4. The current Leadership and all forms of political parties which have kept our continent divided and in the current ills and misfortunes, should not be allowed near the tools of power and government. For these are the Same individuals that have kept the African Peoples around the world in North or South America, the Caribbean, or in any part of the world in subjugation, domination, Racist mistreatment and Economic exploitation by Neo-colonialism and imperialism who is their master consciously or unconsciously.

With this and putting in perspective the facts and figures of the current World affairs and economic data whereby American and European Multinational Companies that are the very tools of Neo-colonialism as Stated by DR.KWAME NKRUMAH in his Book the "NEO-COLONIALISM,THE LAST STAGE OF IMPERIALISM" written in 1965 before his overthrow by the evil Western CIA organisation, these companies are badly collapsing due to the huge damage done to them by the Rise of China having gone to china through greed expecting to exploit china but were far outsmarted the revolutionary Chinese people.
With China having currently overtaken the United states as the current World's biggest economy in terms of GDP (PPP), I call Upon the African Youth to take this Historical task that has been handed to us by history and the sacrifices and tears of our Ancestors on the Cotton and Sugarcane plantations in North and south america and other parts of the world where African Labour and resources have been exploited for the enrichment of all other groups in the world while impoverishing the African Masses, this has been just like WALTER RODNEY said I his work: "HOW EUROPE UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA", the toil against Structural adjustments and all kind of unjust policies that have been prescribed and mated upon our people Around the whole world, Let us all call for an Immediate AFRICAN UNITY GOVERNMENT NOW by just sharing this message with whoever is in your Social Network and contact list in the Phone. This is the easiest thing any one can do and when this is done, we shall witness History before our own eyes because Complex problems don't require Complex Solutions like Military Action, extreme anger and atomic Bombings. Just share the message with all your contacts and let's see God/Allah Manifest His power all over Africa but us building NOW a NEW AFRICAN STATE that was Envisioned by OUR TRUE FOREFATHERS like Edward Wilmot Blyden, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, KWAME NKRUMAH, Julius Nyerere, Thomas Sankara and many, many other True Pan-Africanists just to Name a few.
With these Simple Steps:
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