Full Protection & Immunity For All People with Disabilities.

  • by: Lahat Khereb
  • recipient: All Known Govt Authorities around the World. inc The UN

Today the Lives of People with Disabilities are still under Oppression, moreso than than Blacks or the LGBTI movement.
We are Sexually Oppressed, in that Our Govt Authorities Rape Our Lives, denying us any liberty to ejnoy our sex lives or to see our Dreams of ever being Politicians, or working in the Dept Of Justice, or Dept Of Defense, as Discrimatory Laws are still their, an we are made to be Sexual Deviants, when the only Sexual Deviants we have are those who Rape our Lives from Behind the Shield of Law.

Dear To All Concerned, an to All Govt Authorities,

                                                                We come to you as this is a Matter of Grave importance.

Important that on the Grounds considered Biblical, that God said he would curse those who Directly Or Indirectly set up to Destroy someone with a Disabilities Life.

You have Exploited Our Lives for Profit, You have Destroyed All Opportunity for Us to Live the Dreams we wanted to see come to fruition.

We Ask & Demand for Full Immunity & Protection from the Law, as this would constitute True Equality, whilst living in a Diverse Society, an as in the Disabled Community, We have Disabilities that can be Seen & The Ones that Cant Be Seen.

We have been The Worlds Scapegoats for Too Long, you fill your Prisons with us, an not protecting us, but you come in Intrude Our Lives, Serve Yourselves & Serve your So called Force.

The Laws you have today, have been inspired by one Moses of the Tribe of Levi, who he too, had a Disability, just as God was able to Use Moses to Bring Forth the Law, Moses was also used by God to see the Plagues go through Egypt.

As God was able to do it then, he is able to do it now, because of thy Mistreatment & Scapegoating of people with Disabilities,

The Govt Authorities Hands are Stained with Our Blood:

The Voice of the Disabled.

Never Again:Protect Us Now. The Disabled.

We the Signers call on you to bring this in As Soon As Possible, as Great Troubles will come, if not by our Hands, but by the Hand Of God.

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