Stop Erotica Bias On Booksie Silk

Many of Booksie's frequent users are writing adult stories that are not erotica, and are not getting the attention they deserve! Many people wont look at your work if it is posted on Silk as they automatically assume you are writing erotica and they choose to avoid the genre. The population of Silk is only interested in erotica  and other adult fiction is pushed to the side, yet we are not allowed to post on standard Booksie, where we would get the reads we are looking for.

Despite my attempts to get them to make the system fairer, they have done nothing to change the view of our readers..

I ask you to sign this petitiion to make them see that there are a lot of us who would like a change, because not all adult fiction is erotica and those works deserve to be noticed too!

Dear Booksie Admin,

We are writing you because we are finding your new rating system and Silk a little unfair. Nothing with an adult rating can be posted on standard Booksie anymore, but silk is so strongly geared towards the erotica genre we feel our work (Non-Erotica Adult pieces) is not getting noticed at all.

Every story featured on the home screen is erotica, casual browsers would be led to believe there is nothing but erotica featured on the site.  We feel totally out of place on the Silk site.

We obviously want to get our writing seen as much as possible, and before these changes were implemented, our work was flourishing on standard Booksie. 

I am hoping this will alert you that the site is biased toward erotica, yet we cannot publish our work on your standard site, so we have no choice but to post it there and have it mostly ignored by the population of the Silk site.

We have given the changes a chance before complaining to you, and we love the fact that it is harder for minors to stumble across  this genre of work now, but we feel it is unfair to anyone writing adult themed stories that aren’t erotica. These writers,
 are lost somewhere on the site, thoroughly ignored by the Silk community.

We are asking if it would be possible to either make Silk more user friendly to those of us who do not wish to write erotica, and those who have no wish to read it, but want to read stories with adult themes. Or allow us to go back to posting on standard Booksie, with clear age warnings and appropriate ratings.

Thank you for your time,
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