Demand Judge Rena Hughes Family Court Be Removed


Ok now that I have your attention! For those of you who know me. You know that I am a kind, empathetic,trustworthy, loyal, funny,sarcastic, sometimes overly emotional woman. I'm also always an advocate for doing the right thing and hate more than anything injustice. Those of you really close to me know exactly how much I loathe wrong doing. You know that it lights a fire in me and your a** will pay for what you've done. People need to conduct themselves accordingly. And if you have the balls to do some bs you better have the balls to own it.

So I'm asking any and all who read this post to please like and share and repost so that I can get justice for Trysten ( AKA) Bop and get Judge Rena Hughes family court judge removed from the bench. This vile, corrupt, morally deficient, bias, racist,woman hating, nasty, incompetent,non children having rabid dog needs to be removed.

She has given temporary sole custody of Bop to Klyde Von Brauer or these days Kevin Huber what ever name he's using. Now why did this happen you say? It must have been pretty bad right? I mean who gives temporary sole custody to an absentee father who's only just come back in the picture after a 5 year hiatus and has only been around Bop a total of 7 weeks since resurfacing December of 2017.

No worries we will get there if you care to keep reading. So the douchebag (Klyde) let's discuss him. So this garbage no better than a dog turd in the grass, soulless, pathetic, punk ass, cocky for nothing, lying, manipulative, snake and prick of a man, may be worse than the rabid dog. (Hughes).

This piece of garbage who has never done anything for bop other than say he does not want him and gave up his rights via email and went MIA for 5 years contacted me in November of 2017. He emailed me out of the blue asking if I needed a car. 🤔then he ask about bop. I said he's great would you like some pics, and sent them. He ask if it would be ok to see him. I said of course ,because I'm not the type of person to keep a child from the other parent if they want to be involved and do the right thing. I didn't ask where he's been or what he's been doing. What I did say is" listen I can't be mad at you for getting your life together. If you were not ready to be a parent then you weren't. I will never hold you figuring out your life against you." Because that's who I am as a person.

So garbage sees bop and I even let him come to my house for Christmas. So I'm trying to figure out why when only seeing Bop 3 times after 5 years he went and filed for custody. Well because of what I said before is why. This devil opened a case behind my back all the while I'm being nice and working out an agreement with him outside court. The whole time he's playing me. I filled out at least 11 different agreements adjusting things here and there and then we had paperwork notarized to turn into Family Court. So at least I thought. Me trusting this idiot was a huge mistake and why I'm in this position now.
He never submitted any of the paperwork that we had done together. What he did do is pick and choose different documents that I had filled out and white them out, change stuff and submitted to the court and said that I had been served and had an affidavit of service from his friend or I'm sorry his roommate. Obviously I never got that. But he lied and said I did even though I have him admitting via text message that he was going to have me served. I also have via text message me asking him if there was any paperwork that I needed and him clearly saying no.

Long story short I almost defaulted because I had no idea that there was an open and active case. I mean that's why we were doing it ourselves because he wanted to avoid court! Part of his plan. So I find out and flip the hell out. I'm like are you serious? I've been working with you this whole time being nice when I should have said go to hell. And you wanna screw me. So after that no contact for roughly 5 months. Then we had to go to mediation because of the open case. So I'm easy and anger had passed and I reached an agreement with him. That was submitted to the judge and was approved until trial March 21.

This was in September so court was 7 months away. He gets bop on weekends but not consistently. Always a reason as to why he could not pick him up or would cancel because of family coming into town whatever. If you don't pick him up that's on you. But then this fool wanted to start writing me craziness talking about I'm keeping him from him and we need to stick to the schedule. Hey dumb dumb The only one changing the schedule is you. This nonsense went on for months so I got to the point where I just stopped talking to him. Because you are not going to cancel or make agreements with me. Then blame me and say I change things.

Fast forward to March 21 date of trial. Now here I am thinking that we're going in and the order is going to stay the same and it's just gonna be made permanent by the judge. No no not the case because this bastard had filed all kinds of motions. Mind you I wasn't present for any of them because I had no idea. Why is that? because I was never served. So the day of trial his attorney that he had since gotten that I had no clue about, comes up outside of the court room and gives me a copy of the complaint filed. Ummm hell no this prick just lied his a** off about everything!! Complete and utter nonsense.

Mind you everything he said was a lie which I can prove via text message or email. So what happens next is somewhat hard to believe. Because if someone was telling me the story. I would think wait a minute,that can't be right. That can't be true. what are they leaving out?But it's happening to me. And it's unfucking believable! I can't quite wrap my head around the events that have taken place.

So I'm in court completely unprepared because I've just been blindsided with a bunch of bs. The judge says to his attorney that he's not prepared for court and she can't look at any of his documents. He's baby crying and he's obviously incompetent because how do you not know as an attorney what you need and what you don't at court? Well she lets this fool put me on the stand and ask me a bunch of questions that I could not answer. Asking me a bunch questions pertaining to the motion he had just handed me 15 minutes prior in the hallway at court. Are you serious? Then Hughes is being nasty with me saying that I'm a liar and that I've got the paperwork. No the fuck I didn't. Because I'm going to lie about receiving paperwork and show up to court ill prepared and risk losing my son right?

So he says that he is concerned about Bops health and that he has reactive airway disease and a bunch of other nonsense that is a lie. I have documentation from three pediatricians and two ER doctors ironically that he took him to when he was in his care because of all his animals. Bop is highly allergic to a lot of things and has a lot of sensitivities. Environmentally induced asthma like myself. So when you're highly allergic to cats and dogs and you are letting them lay all over a child with those allergies what's gonna happen?

So the judge is just appalled and acting like she's just so disgusted. I'm thinking, I have all the paperwork to show that he's lying. I asked For a continuance when I had first gone in court and realized what was happening. She denied it until halfway through douche bags attorney questioning me she realized that she had stepped in a big pile of crap. So then she acts as if she's doing me a favor and says that we are going to postpone trial until June 12 so that I can get an attorney. So . She sees where I have emailed him and told him fuck you and fuck the judge. And I told her I can say whatever I want to say. What I say to him has no bearing on him getting bop or not. I haven't withheld him. And here's an idea he has not been in the picture,he voluntarily took a hike. And you're attempting to say that I'm keeping him from someone?I don't think so.

She does not let me speak and says that she is concerned for his health. You know the health that his father is so concerned about because he knows everything about him in the few short weeks that he's actually been involved. Grants him temporary custody and says that he can remove him from his school and put him in school closer to his home. Jaw drop. I look around the court room like am I being punked. So
I say your honor this man is a stranger he does not know my son he's never been involved with him. He is in therapy because of disruption he has caused in his life. And he's saying that I don't medically take care of my son ,when he was the one who wanted to put him in therapy and has only been to one appointment!! I've taken him weekly for the past six months. I have emails and text messages asking him why Tristan has come back home and why his medication hasn't been given to him? No ,she did not want to hear any of it because she's garbage. I proceed to ask if I can see my son to explain to him what is going to happen. She said no. I say he does not know him like that because it's still very new. He is in therapy because of the emotional distress. And you think the right thing to do is to have him pick him up from school and not to come back home? She looked at me and she says I'm not answering that question again I've given my order.

So, I leave court obviously go pick up Bop from school and Dont hand him over. Absolutely not. So a month goes by and on the 24th my house is surrounded by police as if I have a bomb in here to come forcefully remove Trysten. You know let's traumatize him some more because that punk ass pathetic piece of shit hasn't already you know. Had the police come out here and had children services here anyone he can call just to mess with me. Of course nothing came of any of it because it was unsubstantiated. So this garbage as they're taking Tristan out and I'm trying to keep him calm, and he is crying and screaming begging not to make him go. He thinks the right thing to do is to laugh and stick his tongue out. As if it's a game and he's winning. Completely no regard as to Tristan's feelings but laughing and sticking out his tongue. And this moron hands my son over to him because she doesn't like me?Then come to find out today there's a protection order. What is the protection order for? I have no idea. I have not been served with anything the police didn't show or serve me anything so I'm dumbfounded and have no clue as to what is going on. Not only that,I can't access any of my court information online.

Now this judge Rena Hughes has made national news. Because she is garbage and she violates the Constitutional rights of women. She believes she is above the law. She was on trial in 2015 and she's trying to appeal and have it overturned.I don't think that's going to happen. I'm doing a radio show here in a few weeks. My court video will be on YouTube next week and I will keep everyone posted. I am working with people in the community all with the common goal to have her removed. She already has several petitions going to get her removed.I find that a lot of people have no follow through. I have follow through and I am relentless. And she's going to regret what she's done. Karma always comes full circle and I want her to lose her job. She does not deserve to be on that bench she is a disgrace. I cannot understand how so many people in the judicial system choose to turn a blind eye to this cancer on the bench. She has more complaints and videos of misconduct than any other judge in the state of Nevada. And it's always for the same thing. Why is she still there? So it is now my mission to ruin her or to at least get her off the bench. As for the douche bag yeah we're going for relinquishment of all rights he's garbage. And I don't want any kind a person like that around my child or having any say in how he is raised.

So I'm asking for you to like,share,and repost this story. I am trying to get as much attention On it as I can. She needs to be exposed and called out In the open. She's used to doing things behind closed doors and people not standing up for themselves. Well guess what she got the wrong one with me. Because I will not stop. I hate injustice and I hate wrongdoing.

If you believe in justice and believe in people doing the right thing.Not being allowed to get away with foolishness because of their title. Please ,please,please if not for me for someone you know. A family member friend,coworker, Whoever start taking back your power. If you witness in justice bring it to light. As long as we allow people to stay in the shadows never being made responsible for wrongdoing it will continue. We live in a society and world where we far outnumber any judicial agency. When we ban together for the common good That is when things happen. That is when things change. You don't get to be complacent but then complain. If you want change to happen you have to do something about it. That's what I'm doing. Please like, share, and repost. I kindly appreciate any support. I send love, peace, kindness, and positive vibes your way.

PS. I wrote that dirt bag on talking parents and told him I have all of Bop's requisition sheets for his nebulizer for him to see the pulmonary specialist and to get blood work done. He needs to pick that up and make sure he makes his appointments because the pulmonary specialist appointment is today April 30 at 2:30. It took seven weeks to get in. And you know he was so concerned about his health and this idiot judge wanted to act as if she was so concerned. She will never know what a parents love is since she has no children , thank God we don't need more people like her on this planet. But he totally disregards what I say and simply said I have a protection order you cannot contact us. And I have a protection order on me right. 🤷‍♀️🏽

Update #14 years ago
This criminal judge handed my son over to this con man stranger! Gave him permission to relocate without my knowledge! I haven’t seen MY son who I raised since last August not even a phone call. And the psychological warfare he has suffered kills me. All because of this vile woman. She is up for reelection we can’t let that happen I have no idea where my son is because of what she’s done . I will never stop fighting for justice and what’s right! Stand with me, stop corruption #justiceforbop
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