We want a Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Bundle for fellow fans around the World.

We all know the long awaited conclusion to Kingdom Hearts "Dark Seeker" saga has finally been announced for being in development during the PlayStation E3 Press Conference of 2013. Millions of fans all over the world have been waiting for this day for 7 years.

Of course we adore all the other Kingdom Hearts games that have been released while we patiently waited for this moment including the soon to be released in September Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix and you can bet many of us have already pre ordered and if not, they well should. What I am trying to get across here is that because this is a conclusion of Kingdom Hearts then why not make getting the game even more exciting?

In the past Square Enix has released many bundles for Kingdom Hearts games. There was a special PSP bundle with a white PSP and Kingdom Hearts symbols and design for Birth By Sleep released in Japan. Also, there was a special 10th Anniversary Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance bundle with a Kingdom Hearts design 3DS included released in Japan.

People of the US have as well received a few bundles such as a Kingdom Hearts cover for our 3DS that was included in a Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop distance bundle pack and a art book that is included in the soon to be released Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix for September. There were also many other Kingdom Hearts bundles in the past as well.

The fans have decided that because Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be coming out on the new ps4 console the fans of the world would as well love to see a Kingdom Hearts 3 ps4 bundle pack in the same way when you released the limited edition Final Fantasy XIII ps3 bundle for ps3 in Japan and the Final Fantasy XIII-2 ps3 bundle for US and EU.

Because there are millions of true Kingdom Hearts fans all over the world those millions of fans would jump at the opportunity to buy a Kingdom Hearts 3 ps4 bundle pack. Some such as myself only want a ps4 just so that they can play Kingdom Hearts 3.

That is why I believe releasing a Kingdom Hearts 3 ps4 bundle for the fans around the world would not only please millions of people but also make a lot of money.

To further convince you here are a list of names of the people who agree with my theory and would buy a Kingdom Hearts 3 ps4 bundle if it was to be released for fans around the world.


This is the petition I will be sending to Square Enix themselves when we have enough names to convince them that this is what Kingdom Hearts fans want. If you agree to the following please sign this petition and help get the word out. Thank you.

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