Stop the use of BPA in reusable water bottles!

  • by: Ursuline School
  • target: Poland Spring, Coca Cola, Pepsico, Fiji, Nestle, Deer Park, Evian, Volvic, Smart Water, Crystal Geyser

Bisphenol A, better known as BPA, is a chemical used to make a hard, clear plastic called polycarbonate, often found in reusable plastic water bottles. BPA can seep into the drink contained in the bottle, causing a disruption in hormones when ingested. It is connected to several major health issues, including cancers, development problems and reproductive/fertility troubles. BPA can also be passed from a pregnant woman to her child, possibly leading to serious defects. The current BPA food contact uses were approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) more than 40 years ago. Any manufacturer of food or food packaging (such as reusable water bottles) may use BPA in accordance with the regulation without notifying the FDA. Many companies have stated that they have ceased the use of BPA in their water bottles, but that doesn't mean the water bottles are completely trustworthy and safe. BPA was banned from being used in children's products--like cups--but it is still out there. There are solutions to this issue. First, the banning of BPA in all plastic water bottles would be most important. Second, those who use plastics (in any form--water bottle, container, etc.) should be conscious of the number written on the bottom. If there is a number 1, 2, or 4, the plastic is safer. Plastics with the numbers 3 and 7 should be avoided, because they have BPA in them. By signing this petition, you will be helping to secure the better health of people all over the world. Stopping the use of BPA can save many people from devastating health problems that can be easily prevented.

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