Petition to Deny Parole

Ohio State Parole Board
Dept. of Rehabilitation & Correction
770 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43222

Re: James P. Keihl II, A276847
        case 93CR164, AGG Murder 20.00-LIFE

Gregory Douglas Turner, born with progressive nerve deafness and severely hearing impaired, wore two hearing-aids and glasses.

On the morning of December 3, 1992, age 23, Doug went to work, happily engaged and full of hope.  AKA 'Funnybone the Clown,' he did charity and paid work in his spare time and has recently earned his GED.

After work, Doug exercised at Gold's gym in Xenia, Ohio, and then detoured to Fulmer's Grocery.  He shared an apartment with his dad (his parents were divorced) and not only bought groceries but frequently made their meals.  Arriving home, Doug parked, got out and, with a groceries in his arms, a gym bag in his hand, was shot as soon as he closed the door to his vehicle.  Not once but three times: one bullet grazed his head,  the second hit his upper torso and the third tore through his stomach.  The holes--entering and exiting--were HUGE; the size of a man's fist in both the front and back. 

James P. Keihl II, from approximately 20 yards away, hidden in the shadow, held a 22
rifle.  Unseen and unheard, Doug, unarmed, was defenseless.

When Doug fell to his knees on the sidewalk ... trying to push his guts back inside ... James P. Keihl II exchanged the 22 rifle for an axe, hastened behind Doug and lifted the weapon. 

The axe first split Doug's head through the center to the nape of his neck.  Death was instantaneous.  Yet, Doug's face was cut off then his head severed from his body.  An additional twelve more blows fell in a desperate attempt to dismember Doug's arms and legs ... to no avail.

James P. Keihl II backed his truck up, scooped what he could and threw it into the bed of his truck.  He then put Doug's headless torso in the front passenger's seat and drove around before finally going home to the Keihl residence (where he lived with his parents) to bury Doug in his backyard.  James covered Doug with stacked logs and his body remained there, undiscovered, until February 1993.

Fearing another lie detector test, James fled but left a note saying 'good-bye.'  His mother, thinking he was suicidal, called the police who then found Doug in their backyard.

Despite his admission of guilt, James P. Keihl II has shown no remorse for the intentional, brutal murder of an unarmed, legally deaf young man with whom he had no argument.  Both loved the same girl who happened to be engaged to Doug.

The release of James P. Keihl II would be a grave injustice to the family and friends of Gregory Douglas Turner as well as to society.  Unprovoked, premeditated murder should have earned Mr. Keihl II the death penalty!  In lieu of that, LIFE imprisonment is a JUST sentence.

I, therefore, petition the court to DENY parole to James P. Keihl II ... not just this July ... but forevermore.


Doug's mom
Sandra S. Corona
We the undersigned ask that you DENY parole to James P. Keihl II, A276847, currently incarcerated at Madison Correctional Institute in Ohio.

The manner in which the inmate planned and carried out the murder of an unarmed, severely hearing-impaired man with whom he had no personal interaction, is horrendous!  Everyone should have a chance to defend themselves but Gregory Turner was first shot from 20 yards away, on his knees, before Mr. Keihl brought out and USED the axe.

The inmate has shown no remorse. 

Indeed, letters written by the inmate maintain this crime was committed in self-defense.  Until he ADMITS to murdering Gregory Turner, in cold blood, James P. Keihl II deserves to be behind bars.  His continued illusion could easily result in more heineous crimes should he be allowed parole.

Thank you for allowing us to make our statements, to read and consider them.  God bless you all.
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