URGENT: Victim Impact Statement for the Upcoming Sentencing Phase of Justice for Puppy Doe.

  • by: Susan Lyngaas
  • target: Honorable Judge Acree; P.O. Box 576; Union City, TN 38261

The Puppy Doe torturers/killers were convicted on Sept. 10 2012.  URGENT, please sign this Victim Impact Statement for the Sentencing phase of Justice for Puppy Doe - Seeking Max. sentencing, No Diversion (no probation, community service, etc.) with real time behind bars for this horrific crime.  You can read the Victim Impact Statement by clicking on the 'petition tab' which is next to the overview tab.  This statement will be read in court during the sentencing. Sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2012 so time is of the essence.  Thank you for your support.

As was said in an article regarding animal cruelty, 
‎"Anyone capable of such a sadistic act is a danger to other animals, to children, and to the entire community. Protect your family and protect your pets. Don’t turn a blind eye to cruelty." Gregory CastleCEO, Best Friends Animal Society

Honorable Judge Acree:
We respectfully submit to you that imposing the maximum sentence to defendants, Preston Odle and Levi Evans, will send a clear message to the citizens of this community that this court is cognizant of their expectations in these types of cases; it will also send a clear message to all law enforcement agencies that this court supports their hard work in the enforcement of the animal cruelty laws; and most importantly, it will send a clear message to those people who cruelly abuse animals, as these defendants have, that this court will not tolerate such behavior and will do all within its power to protect the animals.

* Their actions demonstrated extremely deviant behavior that shocks the conscience.

* The pain they inflicted on the dog "Puppy Doe" indicated they were enjoying themselves and derived pleasure from torturing an animal.

* The nature of their conduct establishes that they are violent offenders who will use any level of force to inflict pain on a defenseless victim.

* Their conduct had no objective other than the pleasure they derived from inflicting pain.

* Their conduct is included in the behaviors associated with and indicative of sociopathy as defined by the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) and demonstrates that they are a danger to society.

* Accordingly, diversion is inappropriate in these cases, and these offenders should receive the maximum sentence under the applicable law, and they should not ever be able to own or control animals again during their lifetime.

The Citizens (Signatures attached)

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