Revoke my partner's deportation order before I'm forced to give birth alone!!

My partner, Anthony Walcott, was born in Jamaica and came to the UK when he was 8 years old. He was granted indefinite leave to remain but since then found himself socialising himself with the wrong crowd. As a minor he got himself into trouble, like a lot of young teenage boys too but as a 26 year old man, he's changed his life around. As a result to this he has now been deported back to jamaica.

Im currently 34 weeks pregnant with many pregnant issues. Such as polyhydramnios and spd. You are Destroying not only Anthony’s life, but mine, his son’s, who he plays a major role in his life and mine and Anthony’s first unborn child together. Anthony's son is devastated, and has also said he will not be going to visit his dad in Jamaica as ‘people get shot there and die’. It’s heartbreaking to know a young boy of 7 years old is coming out with things like that.

As a British citizen I am appalled that I am expected to raise our first child alone. I am heavily pregnant at 34 weeks, with complications throughout as I've already stated. I was signed off work for 2 weeks and am in and out of hospitals for scans every 2 weeks, and am petrified of the prospect of giving birth without him here to support me and looking after our new born alone.

Your rules cruelly split up British citizens who have committed no crime but to simply fall in love with someone who was born outside the UK. I need him now more than ever, you are making me a ‘single mother’ and denying Anthony the chance to bond with our baby. It is important for you to take into consideration the future wellbeing of our child which you have failed to do, on the phone. You have stated I can move to another country with him, Why is this right? Why should I be deported from my own country? I am British, my home is here, my family are here, my work – in which I work 2 jobs as a Dental nurse and a receptionist elsewhere where I work 50 hours a week in total. I am clearly not a burden on the state, I pay my own rent and bills with my wages and don’t expect anything from anyone. Anthony has paid his way in this country to our Government when he was able to work.

You have taken everything away from us as a family and I’m distraught. As any expectant mother will tell you the prospect of giving birth and looking after a newborn whilst holding down 2 jobs is terrifying. It’s terrifying when your partners with you, but alone? My poor partner will be forced to miss the birth of our first child together, which is one of the most precious moments in life. That is something that can never ever bring that back for him.

I am appalled by your behavior and how our life is now ruined. What if this was your daughter? Your ruining thousands of lives Please help me bring my partner back! Gemma.

Update #13 years ago
Thank you to everyone who has signed this. Really means a lot.
Our little girl will be here very soon.
Please keep sharing and signing. I have to get anthony home.
It's ruining our relationship. He can't have a life there.
He can't find a job. I can't support him financially over there as I'm now a single parent on maternity leave! I'm devastated. This is meant to be such an overwhelming time for myself and anthony.
Thank you for all your support.
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