Ban Animal Experimentation in the United States

Each year, over 100 million animals are used in testing. The problem with using animal to test products and medications is that the same results don't always occur in the same way in humans as they do in animals. This is due to the fact that certain animals have fundamental differences between the systems of humans. The animals' environments within the laboratories also cause their hormone levels, cancer rates, and vulnerabilitly to sicknesses to be abnormal.

Currently, there are numerous other methods for testing products besides the use of animals. These experimentation methods include the use of tissue, cell cultures, computer modeling, and in-vitro studies. In-vitro studies are more beneficial than using animals because they can be used multiple times, making it cheaper than animals, which can cost over $2,000 depending on the animal in use. These methods also do not cause harm to animals, who are harmed in many ways in order for the scientists to conduct their research. These harmful techniques can include burning, crushing, poisoning, and psychologically harming the animals in use, which sometimes causes the deaths of the animals. The only law that currently protects animals is the Animal Welfare Act, but it puts few limitations upon what scientist can do to the animals during research. Lastly, the majority of Americans believe that it's time for scientists to use alternative methods of testing because if the European Union can have success without the use of animals, the United States can be successful as well.

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