Resolve Steam VAC bans now! FIX VAC or take the boot from online Gaming Server Control

People with good intentions that ARE NOT CHEATING or doing anything wrong are being PERMANENTLY Banned for CHEATING in online games using Steam. They pay hard earned money for these games and are being labeled as a cheater PERMENETLY Banned from the game they just bought can no longer play the game online and can not do a thing about it due to Steams agreement you have to sign to play most online games these days but steam is not the maker of most of these games They are more like a middle man like a store really but with the ability to permanent ban you from a game you may even have just bought a week or a day ago because you have a program on your computer you may not even know about or installed unwittingly that looks like a cheat or the Real Cheaters / Hackers make it look like it is you that is doing the cheating! There is no help in this matter from Steam what so ever! I think the game developers should just ban them out of the blue, kick them from the servers access and give them a taste of there own medicine. See how they like it. but it's not just about me.It's about everyone and just not right!!  Sign This Petition and have the Gaming Industry listen to us the players and people who support them and want to play there games! Steam just wants our money to go through there hands and don't care if you get the boot and loose your right to play what YOU paid for as long as they are wearing the boots!! don't wait until it happens to you or your Son, Daughter ,Family Member or friend... Help fix this now!! 

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