Bernie! Come to Standing Rock!

The whole world is watching the abuses committed against the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. The mainstream media, and Cable News Networks have been ignoring this story, or misrepresenting it, by painting the Water Protectors as violent lawbreakers who are deserving of horrendous acts of brutality being committed against them.  We need Senator Sanders to shed light on the actual situation, and to get the media to report fairly and honestly about what is actually going on at Standing Rock, who stands to benefit, and what is at stake that we all stand to lose.

Bernie, we need you at Standing Rock to call attention to the abuses being committed against the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, and to make the world aware of this situation, and how dangerous pipelines are to our planet, and the survival of all species on earth.

A big showdown may take place on December 5th, as 1000+ Vets are scheduled to arrive on the same day as the "Deadline to Vacate". which was recently announced by the Army Corps of Engineers.

This fight is about more than just one pipeline.  This is an opportunity for citizens all over the globe to unite and fight back against the 1% and the grip that they have over the control and dissemination of global energy technologies.

The people of the world overwhelmingly want clean, renewable energy, and a healthy, sustainable planet.


We need your powerful voice to speak out against the Dakota Access Pipeline, against ALL pipelines, and against ALL Dirty Energy technologies.  

Just look at the FREE WIND, and FREE SUNSHINE in North Dakota!  Let's encourage our energy companies to make use of the energy sources that are already there.  We don't need to disturb Mother Earth by drilling into her, and extracting her blood!

We have been witnessing tax-paid employees viciously attacking citizens who they are sworn to protect, for the benefit of a privately-owned Canadian oil company, who plans to sell the oil they extract to other countries!  There is absolutely NOTHING in this deal to benefit the majority of Americans, except a handful of temporary jobs!

Nonviolent, peacefully protesting taxpayers should not be attacked by those whose salaries they pay!

It is disgraceful and unforgivable that our President puts the profits of a foreign country's oil company (who has disobeyed our laws, and has been drilling without a permit, on lands they don't own), above his commitment to honoring Native American Treaties and to protect all the citizens of our country.

Please be the one sitting politician who comes to the aid of our Native American brothers and sisters and everyone else who lives downstream from this harmful pipeline.


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