Tell the 1% How They Can Help the Economy

12 million people in the US are unable to find a job, and millions more can't find as much work as they would like or have stopped looking altogether.

But people at the very top are working and earning more than ever, out of the belief that paying more taxes to support welfare is what the rest of the nation wants them to do.

We don't need the most skilled people to work harder than anyone else. Instead of welfare, we want jobs.

By working less, the 1% can show that it isn't a sign of being unskilled. We can then share the available work with everyone.

Maybe this will mean the cure for some type of cancer will be developed a year later, because a brilliant scientist was able to live comfortably working 20 hours per week instead of 50 hours. This is fine, because even brilliant people should be able to relax. Being talented should never feel like a burden.

Tell the 1% that life isn't about money or the amount of taxes you pay, and it's fine for them to enjoy life too.

You shouldn't feel selfish if you choose to work less.

But this petition is necessary so that there is no social discrimination from doing so and no closing off of career options. A 'part-time CEO' can be just as effective for important tasks as one who works 60 hours per week.

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To some people the message of this petition might seem obvious, but the fact that it isn't obvious to everyone can be seen from the lack of trust in society. It is difficult for many people to understand how problems can occur when there is no ill intent.

I hope this petition serves a useful purpose in your life.



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