Stop Lion Hunting 

The lion population in Africa is being reduced fast. 50 years ago there were 450,000 lions. Today as little as 20,000 remain. Less than half of that number lives in South Africa. Lion Trophy hunting is at an all time high. The Lion Trophy Hunting industry, including Canned Hunting (where lions are bred to be shot in cages) is much to blame for this shocking decrease of the African Lion population. 

The government refuses to stop the issue of Lion Hunting permits or to at least limit the number of permits even though lions are fast becoming an endangered species.

By presenting this petition to the South African government we are hoping to at least limit if not altogether stop the issue of Lion Trophy Hunting permits and to make Canned Lion Hunting illegal.

By presenting this petition to the IUCN we are hoping to get the African Lion on the Endangered Species List thus making trophy hunting of these majestic animals illegal. 

Please sign this petition! Get everyone you know to sign it as well! Imagine a world without a single lion. We cannot allow this to happen!

A quick update on our African Lion petition: The petition currently contains 1,957 signatures. Clearly we have overestimated the compassion of humankind by about 80,000 signatures. The time our lions have is running out and to wait until the petition reaches 100,000 will be catastrophic for the big cats.

So, we have no choice but to drop our signature target to 20,000 with the cut-off date October 2013. That will fall nicely in between the hunting ban that was implemented in Zambia as of this year and the ban to be implemented in Botswana in 2014.

 Please forward the petition link to everyone you know so that we can reach our goal in time. We have also included a link to our new YouTube video regarding the killing of animals across all species. Please watch and share this – although our focus is on Lions we love all animals and feel that the slaughter is getting out of control.

As always, we know that many people are afraid to open unknown media links contained within an email. If you do not trust the video link, please follow the Facebook link to our Stop Lion Hunting page where you will find a safe link to YouTube.

We really appreciate your support and will send you an update as soon as our petition reaches 50% of our target (10,000 signatures).

Kind regards,

Stop Lion Hunting

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