Stop destroying human entity , What is happening behind the scenes at the private security stations in the Middle East ?

Your phone rings often the numbers appear to be from service branches . In fact , it only takes to convert the building and change its name from outside to make It look normaI , especially if you are wealthy from Gulf and want to invest your money beside your hobbies in torturing people, you just need to establish a secret prisons or private security station.
Of course not all its competence about real and realistic issues, but it uses realism to intimidate peaceful individuals as charge of terrorism , there is no way to survive when you are lurking or being targeted by private security companies in Middle East , because you simply will be accused of high treason .
Some may wonder why?
Because its an investment buildings . The longer torture takes place the more money will be imposed on victims as well as making free pornographey material of victims , victims of these buildings range from the elderly to infants babies .
It may be one of the reasons why arab psychologists are reluctant to enter into research of major societal issues , that because of growing prohibited system which has continued to worsen in the Arab world , which hides any approach that attempts to reveal the diseases of social entity.
We are in an existential disaster aimed in destroying human entity.
In this petition I will explain situations in which individuals entity destroyed and the forces that impose influence on them and the mechanism of tyranny to enforce subjugation and intimidation , and the value of human dignity at the highest level of torture to eliminate victims physically, morally and psychologically.

The destruction varies in terms of severity so that blood is wasted as nothing, the scope of waste extends to include waste of thought , waste of youth energies, waste of awareness and waste of rights.

The waste varies between the lack of recognition of people's humanity as a maximum and between enslavement , neglect and dispense with his thoughts and energies.

As a burden or redundant entity ( like the treatment of regimes that take into account the welfare of nation and sees in the deprived and oppressed masses burden on welfare).

The torture, is a total process which includes psychological and physical dimensions leads to desired goals , so that it becomes just something executor has .
The arts of torture vary endlessly, and there is always something new in them , it puts one when look at it in front of the hell of assault on human humanity. We are in the hell of degeneration of human bond in every sense of words .

When searching in topics there are more than the issues of reading events and facts, unfolds to researcher the extent to which the human being can be subjected to humanity, hunt , indignity and insults we are at the bottom of the degradation of human value and waste.

The arts of torture vary and the best known the - Beating , violence and sinking which pours on the body in the its various forms including physical stress that reaches victims maximum probability , all of them are focused on one primary goal ;- to case the greatest possible pain and the maximum probability of person , targeted usually in more painful and sensitive parts of body.
Like torture of genitals by rape, by inserting harmful tools into body causing bleeding without any limits or restrictions, only instructions to prevent the death of victims but not always.

all these methods of torture are not limited to the physical pain they generate but also to the cultural connotations which may even be more difficult , it aims to humiliate the victims and stripe their human significance, we are here to raise the victims absolute disability versus the absolute power of executor .

However, assault on genitals and rape with stick , hoses and bottles is one of the biggest acts of the torture to inflict cultural shame at least in the east if not in Arab world to destroy the self image and respect which means that the victims has no space for physical privacy.

An intolerance situation this type of torture is usually unthinkable , as I said in the beginning of my article in the Arab world they discussed everything about torture except forced incest , may be not to break the ideal images and traditions, and this done by forcing victims to practice it with their families and relatives in front of them and document the events by filming them, thus the body becomes unbearable , the victims then goes into conflict with this shattered body image which generalized to undermine the self dignity and degrade it

All these practices against human being cause the victims to feel that they have been removed from outside world and taken out of the ordinary people and he / she / they are no longer human .

Sign the petition if you believe in the rights of human beings , Sign the petition to raise world's awareness and demand the broader role of the United Nations in the Middle East .

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