Australia: Stop Killing Feral Cats and Camels!!! Implement Humane Solutions NOW!!!

  • recipient: Australian Government

Hello 👋,
There is a drought in Australia. The Australian Government are concerned about feral camels drinking a lot of the water that could instead be used and drank by humans. They are killing these feral camels in order to save water.
Here's a reality check. Far, far more gallons of water are used annually to produce beef and other meats. During a drought, reducing the amount of meat produced and eaten and allowing that water to instead be used and drank by people could be a far more effective way of dealing with a water shortage than killing feral camels. These camels did nothing intentionally wrong to the people killing them! They are sentient beings, and we don't need to kill them!
Also, in Australia, feral cats are being shot and some are even turned into hats (if I'm right) in order to protect Australia's native wildlife. Wanting to protect and save native wildlife is a great thing. We absolutely need to protect and save wildlife! However, it can and should be done without killing other animals. TNR has proven to be effective at reducing the populations of stray and feral cats and dogs. Protecting native habitat and even banning people in certain areas from having cats, or requiring them to spay and neuter their cats and never, ever let them outside, could also work. Capturing the feral cats and putting all the tameable ones up for adoption and in foster homes and rescues and shelters could also work, as could requiring all of Australia's cat carers to spay and neuter their cats, banning breeding and requiring people who want cats to always adopt from rescues, shelters and sanctuaries, or take in ferals/strays themselves. Very heavy use of humane cat and fox repellents in areas with native wildlife who are in danger from the cats and also evicting the cats and placing them all in areas with less native wildlife and sanctuaries could also be considered. There is a kind way to do anything!
We, the world, will not stand by and let Australia kill animals unnecessarily!! We kindly demand that you stop killing the feral camels and the feral cats and implement more humane and effective methods of dealing with these situations NOW!!!
Thank you 😊.

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