Stop the involontary euthanizing of patients in Canadian Hospitals

  • by: diana ford
  • recipient: Prime minister of Canada, Premiers of : Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchwan, Manitoba, Nunavut, NorthWest territories, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Yukon

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that every citizen, in fact every inhabitant of Canada, as long as they are on Canadian soil, has the right to life, freedom and security. As well, the right not to be discriminated against based or age or handicap is another one of our human rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution. However, presently, in Canada, this is not repected by the medical or the judicial community as follows:

Canadian Hospital doctors are required to conduct a triage upon patient arrival and ongoing throughout the patient's hospital stay whereby some patients are given the right to live and others not. Some patients are denied health care based on age and/or handicap. When the patients who are denied health care are not readily dying but are too ill to leave the Hospital, the administration and medical staff views it as a necessity to accelerate the inevitable demise of the patient. They either get administered improper medication, are left with infections that are untreated, get placed in isolation with other patients who are infected with very dangerous diseases or are left to suffocate if they need help with suctioning if the are on respiratory life support.

If the family or power of attorney protests, the doctors take the matter to the Court and get legal approval to let these patients die that they refer to as "bed-blockers". No human feelings or considerations enter into the legal considerations. It is all covered under a claim of "preserving the best interest of the patient" but in reality these patients are "let to die" against their own wish, against the wishes of their appointed power of attorneys or families.

Not everyone has the high financial resources required to battle this system, so a lot of the patients die at the hands of their "healers" without their case ever being heard of, because their families were unable to raise the funds to oppose the Hospital's murderous system. However, even if it is fought in court, the game is fixed. Of 55 cases that were heard in the Courts in the last decade, only one patient was allowed to live and all the other patients were ordered dead by Boards and Courts such as the Consent and Capacity Board in Ontario. This Board was formed special for this purpose, to let the elderly ill people die or to confine the mentally ill against their will. Unfortunately, to get their way, doctors can pretend that a patient is vegetative when he is not, just by saying that "he meets the clinical criteria for a persistent vegetative state" when in fact the patient is sedated or infected with an untreated pneumonia for a while. The medical records are hidden and are not required by the courts to be produced. The Courts invariably take the doctor's recommendation on faith. In reality one hand washes the other and they work for the common goal: to free up beds and to rid themselves of the more difficult cases. They pretend they are saving money when in reality $72 million are spent every year in defense of misreatment of patients via wrong treatments, wrong medications or wrong diagnosis. There are 24000 reported medical mistakes causing death each year in Canada, the equivalent of three jets a week full of people crashing and finding their death. That is only the reported number and probably of those many were volontarily left to die. 75% of the death in the Hospitals are due to decisions made unilaterally by doctors to let the patients die.

1. The discrimination against the elderly and the handicapped in Hospitals must stop.

2. Doctors should not add killing to their professional responsibilities

3. The state via courts and boards as well as the medical community should stay out of end-of-life decisions because they are strictly personal and concern only the patient and the family of the patient. If it is state imposed it becomes fascism.

4. Health care should be provided equally to everyone who needs it according to the medical needs, and not to age, expected logevity or handicap.

5. Docotrs should be compensated based on their success at healing patients or improving upon their patient's medical condition.

6. Nurses and medical support staff should be compensated based on results such as the patient's recovery, patient satisfaction with treatment received and promptness of being attended to when needed.

7. No tax payer should be denied health care and no patient in an emergency room should be turned away until properly examined.

Please stop a system that incorporates systemic assassination of the elderly as a method of practicing medicine. This practice is an abuse of human rights and is not what the elderly people have paid for with their tax dollars for all their productive years.

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