Stop Nicaraguan Sugar Cane Farmers from Dying from Possible AgriChemical Poisoning

Sugar cane workers are dying en masse from kidney failure in Nicaragua. So far, studies -- funded by the sugar cane industry -- have been (surprise, surprise) inconclusive. Over 20,000 people throughout Central America have died in the past decade from chronic kidney disease of unknown causes, or CKDu. This disease is so poorly understood that it does not even have a universally agreed-upon name. Heat stress, chronic dehydration, toxic chemicals, painkillers, sugar consumption and even volcanic ash have all been suggested as possible causes of CKDu. But the fact is, communities in Nicaragua's sugar cane heartland, and most of all, Chichigalpa, where the country’s largest sugar mill is located -- have especially been devastated. We need to find out the cause and stop so many people from dying.

Dear President Obama and Coca-Cola Executives,

Please investigate and solve the explosion of deaths in  Chichigalpa, Nicaragua over the past 20 years, due to chronic kidney disease.  These workers deserve better!!!  What chemicals are being used to treat the sugar cane?  What protection is being given to the workers?  Are these deaths really from a magnesium deficiency?  That is easily fixed.  Please hire Dr. Joel Wallach, who has done so many autopsies, or someone of his intelligence to conduct comprehensive studies, so the causes can be discovered and stopped.


Leslie Bruner

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