Stop the Sale of Dead Parrots on Ebay!

  • by: Becky Seip
  • target: John Donahoe, President & CEO of Ebay, Inc,,, their sellers, and any other site that sells dead parrot pelts
In the United States, parrots are considered pets. They are not wildlife in the United States.They are "domestic" animals who people own as a pet, just like a dog, cat, hamster, or guinea pig. We would not allow the sale of dead cat or dog pelts or any part of the animal, to be sold in such a manner, so why are we allowing parrot bodies to be sold? It does not matter how they died, it matters that these animals fall into the same category as any of our domestic pets.  They are not food animals, they aren't wild to be hunted in the US. They only reason they are in the United States is for people to OWN. Please, tell Ebay, all the sellers that sell these dead animals and send a message to any other site that sells any species or subspecies of bird that are owned as pets that we will not tolerate this action!  It is NOT okay and should be illegal to sell a dead domestic pet online or through craigslist or anywhere else! Do not allow people to profit off the beautiful and intelligent animal's deaths! 


It has come to our attention that for a long time now, you have allowed the sale of dead parrots on your website. In the United States, Parrots of all subspecies and even finches and pigeons, are considered to be pets in the United States. While they are wild animals and shouldn't have to live in cages, they are only here because people brought them here to be a family pet. They are not hunted in the United States, they are not a source of food eith for people or other animals, like cows or pigs. Do you allow the sale of dog and cat pelts? You might as well, because that's exactly the same as you are doing by allowing the sale of dead pets.  Birds molt feathers, that's a given, but there is no reason to put an entire "pelt" on sale on your website and we would like this practice to be stopped, immediately.  

How do you know for sure how these animal's died? It seems you are promoting an action that could be turned into an illegal activity, if others decide to start stealing birds and killing them to sell online. It's disgusting that you are allowing PETS, dead pets to be sold on your website.

Our petition is to show you that we do not agree with this practice and neither should you.

We know of at least one of your sellers jvtfeathers who has been selling dead bodies online for quite awhile and we would like him to have to stop doing this. Many of us spend out lives trying to protect and save parrots from the atrocities they must live through because people make impulse buys without knowing exactly what the life of a bird entails and how much attention they need. It's a hard enough job for us, who spend our own money, to rescue parrots from a bad situation. We don't need to see their dead bodies online, reminding us just how many fall through the cracks.

Please, treat these birds as our domestic pets, as that is what they are and make selling parrot bodies, beaks, claws or any part thereof, on Ebay. Feathers are a different story, but I think there needs to be a change in that as well. To list parrot feathers, you must show a photo of the live bird they molted from. Only live moltings should be allowed to be sold and no one should profit off the death of a pet! Thank you!

It has come to our attention that for several years you have been allowing the sale of parrot pelts on your website by sellers. We, as pet owners, would like for you to reconsider the selling of animals kept as pets. It is illegal and immoral to sell dog and cat pelts or body part online, why are parrots treated any differently. These are not native animals and they are not wild animals, they are animals that are kept as pets in cages. When a bird hoarder is raided, authorities always find dead birds in the freezer and those people get cited for this. Why is Ebay any different. Please, ban the sale of our PETS!!!!! It's time for us to take a stand against this heartbreaking way to make money! Thank you! You may have seller's we are not aware of, but the one we are aware of is jtvfeather and we want his sales of these animals to be stopped!!! Immediately! It does not matter if he is not personally killing these animals, it's the fact that the sale of their pelts are allowed at all!

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