Petition on the elimination of horsecars on the way to Morskie Oko

  • by: Gawe? So?owski
  • recipient: Do: Tatrzański Park Narodowy Szanowny Pan Dyrektor Szymon Ziobrowski Kuźnice 1 34-500 Zakopane (+48) 18 20 23 200,,

Dear Director,

  We appeal to You as a director of the Tatra National Park for the immediate elimination of horsecars on the way to Morskie Oko.

   The controversy surrounding the issue of the use of horses to drag carts of tourists on the way to Morskie Oko and violations of animal health, progress for many years. Over the years, the media repeatedly reported  horse falls, cases overloading wagons, in  the internet regularly  complaints of dounted tourists come out . These incidents   very bad pointed at the image of the Tatra National Park, which is an institution more common recently associated in negative context mistreatment of horses, than in the context of nature conservation.

  "The practice of carriage tourists on the way to Morskie Oko is anachronistic, obsolete, used to inflict the suffering of animals. With the approval of the Directorate and the Scientific Council of the TNP, this is a show of arrogance and inhuman treatment of draft animals. The idea of environmental protection is here every day massively violated in front of thousands of people. this practice should be abolished. " Do You remember these words?

 Brave words, which when filmed after the accidental death of a draft horse named Jordka at this way addressed former director of TNP Paweł Skawiński six years ago by Mr. Zbigniew Kresek , Honorary Member of the Polish Society of tourist and Touring, a member of the Scientific Council of the Gorce National Park, Guide Beskid, former editor chief of "Gazeta Górska"?

  The words of Mr. Zbigniew Kresek fell on deaf ears. It was six years ago, but  in the Tatra National Park the time stopped. You could say that we are at the starting point, unless it would not be confirmed by hard data knowledge of the  horses workin in Morskie Oko, which we have today.

  According to the analysis of statistical data on the population of draft horses in Morskie Oko in 2012 effectively dispels the last remaining doubts about the business and the alleged horse breeding in the Podhale region: in 2012, only 3 horses out of the "Cultures" have died (including four-year-old horse after just 11 months of work on the way to Morskie Oko), and 36 went to slaughterhouse. Two years ago,  five coachmen "sent"   10 horses to the slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, the years 2012  , 2013  the did not differ in any way from years previous cruel way of treating horses, whose health does not allow for further work on the road to Morskie Oko, is held every year. In data it can be discerned that already after the first season of work of draft horse at least 20% of draft horses are sent to the slaughterhouse. Could it be this tradition, about which  TNP says?

  Moreover,  at least 49 horses currently working in carts in the way to Morskie Oko is unregistered in the evidence of the Polish Association of Breeders Horses. Whether their passports were forged? Does the TNP have any control over this case ? Is considerable influence Tatra National Park due to the issuance of licenses coachmen (60 cabs x 1300 Pln fee gives you 78 000 PLN per month) may obscure any other considerations?

  Case of draft horses from Morskie Oko raises social outrage in the context of moral and ethical. Rarely we are dealing with such open disregard for basic humanitarian values ​​and ethics in the name of material benefits but  especially fact that animal abuse is happening on the area, with the consent and participation of institutions, established, inter alia, to "Formation of appropriate human attitudes towards nature" (art. 2 paragraph. 2 points. 7 Nature Conservation Act), which the You direct the time ,  gives rise to protest by .

  In view of these facts, as well as others that have not been cited in the petition, and that are  well known to You, and taking into account that a lot of other information will never be disclosed, now  we demand immediate close of transport of tourists using horse-drawn carriage for on the way to Morskie Oko. 

Mr. Director, we appeal to Your courage, honor, and simple human decency.

Please take immediate action.

Thank You in advance

Yours faithfully

Cezary Wyszyński 
03-772 Warszawa

Komitet Pomocy dla Zwierząt w Tychach

Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami

Tatrzańskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami

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