Tell the toilet paper giants that we NEED recycled toilet paper

Each year 50,000 species of trees die from deforestation.

98 million of those trees are killed so that humans can wipe their butts with them. 

Us Humans use 1.66 million sheets in our lives and 9 sheets every time we go to the loo. At this rate there are 270 000 trees being killed a day for toilet paper and some companies are thriving from it.

Sign this petition and join the group that will not stand for this level of deforestation because of us and our need to poo. Tell the toilet paper giants that we want and need recycled toilet paper so that we can help lessen the impact we have on the planet and let our children grow up in the same environment that we have.

Dear toilet paper companies

We signers want to have recycled toilet paper.

It doesn't sound very important or urgent does it? But forests are being cut down so we can wipe ourselves after we have gone to the loo and us signers want you to help us stop having such a massive impact on our fragile world.

The toilet paper industry kills 270 000 trees a day and 98 million a year. 50 000 species of trees die from deforestation each year and imagine how much we could reduce that by if we didn't cut down as many trees just so we can flush them down the loo.

This is what us signers want and what we ask you now to give us; recycled toilet paper instead of unrecycled toilet paper. We call on you to make your toilet paper recycled so that we can make a healthier wipe

Update #14 years ago
The petition has come to a stop.

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