Prosecute Man for Killing and Hanging 25 Cats From Trees

  • by: Sue Lee
  • recipient: White Plains, N.Y. & Yonkers Police Dept.

Please sign and share this petition in an effort to extremely punish a man who was charged with hanging 25 dead cats from trees. However, he has not been charged for killing the cats! If he did not kill the cats or have any responsibility, where did he “collect” 25 dead felines? Someone needs to further investigate and put this monster away. Please help in these efforts and gain justice for those poor kitties placed in plastic bags and hung from a tree like a piece of trash!!

A man named Rene Carcamo is under investigation after a public works crew discovered 25 cats in black plastic bags were hanging from trees very close to where the man lives. It was determined that the animals were already deceased when placed in the bags and then hung from the tree limbs. Necropsy of a couple of the animals thus far shows that they died due to sharp blows to the head.

Mr. Carcamo has not been charged so far with any of the deaths; only for illegally disposing of the dead cats. No one seems to be concerned as to how he got the dead cats and why he would place them in the plastic bags to hang from the tree in such a grisly manner.

Thus far, the only charges that Mr. Carcamo is facing are a violation of environmental law with a maximum penalty of one year in jail. Further investigation needs to continue to find out why this guy had all these dead animals and the role he played in their deaths.

Aside from the current charges related to the dead cats hanging from a tree, he is also charge with animal cruelty. Such charges culminated when investigating the man’s home where they found to sick kittens and five other cats found in poor health and severely neglected. He was advised to get the animals vet care which he did not. There is something abusive about the way he treats animals and investigators need to dig deep and find out his ties to the deaths of these poor cats and what would draw him to do something so inhumane as hang these deceased animals from a tree. Help to get this guy fully charged for his involvement in this case by signing and sharing this petition anywhere and everywhere possible as we speak out for all those poor kitties.


White Plains, N.Y. & Yonkers Police Dept. – Please complete your investigation into how all these cats met their ends and if this ill human being had any ties to killing them. Otherwise, why would he just collect dead animals, place them in plastic bags and then morbidly hang them from a tree like ornaments! There is something terribly wrong with this whole scenario. There are many facts that are not fully exposed and this sick example of a human being needs to be harshly punished not only for the hangings but for actually treating an animal this way, placing it in a bag like trash and hang it on the tree. He deserves much more than a year in jail and should be slapped with at least 25 counts of felony animal cruelty charges tied with the harshest punishment for each.

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