Tell ABC to stop insulting Norwalk

!Disney is insulting Norwalk.

 Andy Ross Norwalk resident 2 Bethel Street Norwalk Ct 06855

 Ok, I have had enough. I started watching the new Disney's network ABC primetime television show American House Wife when it premiered last spring. I liked it. I thought the humor was quick and witty centered on a middle-class family that chose to relocate to Westport for the school system. The family could only afford to rent a small house, and the clicky housewives of Westport always reminded them of how impoverished they are as compared to themselves. The bases of the show are how actress Katy Mixon who plays the role of the mother tries to fit in with the Westport establishment portraits Westport House Wives as entitled, spoiled and condescending. Hmm, that's not very flattering to Westport residents either.

 Is that fun or funny? Not really, but what is not fun or funny is the downright prejudice and often racist jokes used degrading the city, Norwalk residents and in particular Norwalk's High school students as the brunt of their demeaning and insulting wisecracks.

 I have heard four of the puns thus far, and I don't even watch it on a regular basis. The first was when one of the children actors of the sitcom was taking bets on how many of the girlfriends of Norwalk's High school basketball team would be pregnant post season. Another involved the family using a Hispanic housekeeper in a scheme to buy imperfect cheap POLO shirts from an outlet and have her sew a quick fix of the imperfection on the company logo the horse. They believed that no Westport person would buy them, so the plan was to sell them to Norwalk high school students since they are not sophisticated consumers like their counterparts. The family revealed in their new found cash form the sales from unsuspecting residents.

 In yet another episode the family could not get into the Westport private pool during a hot summer. When mention was made about using the Norwalk public pool (which we do not even have), the family cringed at the idea of swimming in the same water with Norwalk people while making funny faces as if the water would be radioactive or diseased.

 The October 29th episode was the final straw for me. The daughter of the family created a Halloween costume for a party that carried a giant balloon under her dress as if she was close to delivering a baby. When her mother saw the outfit, she asked "What are you going as" He reply was "I am going to a Norwalk, prom girl."


 High school age is a difficult enough while kids struggle with self-esteem and image issues. This kind of attack on their self-worth can only prove to be damaging to their confidence and civic pride.

 Wow. ABC you should be ashamed of your self. Norwalk is a great place to live and bring up children. We have culture, diversity and arguably a touch more class then does your producers and writers. STOP the bullying and the insults!

 Go to and sign my petition appealing to ABC to stop these vicious insults on Norwalk and our students.

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