Cystic fibrosis enzyme law *David s Law *

    This law would allow all students with cystic fibrosis in america in public school to be able to self take there own enzymes during school day, after school, field trips etc.The students will carry two bottles per day holding 50 per bottle. The first bottle is for during the school day.. The 2nd bottle is for field trips , after school programs, the 2nd bottle will remain in the students locker until the end of the school day... The first bottle will be placed in there backpack that they carry through out the school day. This law is needed because parents are having to come to the school on daily basis when there is no school nurse in the school to help them this means that the student loses the very small meal time and its very important for students with CF to be able to get the food that they need with out having to stop mid meal to go to another class .. The students that are meeting there parents each day have to go to the parking lot in some cases and other cases they have to walk all the way to the front door of the school .. The cf students know what will happen to them if they do not take these enzymes before they eat. This law will also allow the parents not having to attend every field trip and after school program or they cant go at all with this law they will be able to do go on there own without the parents and they will be able to enjoy being with there friends and trying to have the best time possible.. Some of the schools that have passed David s law have also increased the lunch time for them this would give the students with CF a extra 15 min of meal time or some of them have them go straight to the front of the line in the meal line so that they can get the meal that they need for lunch .. When they get to the table then they will take there enzymes this is when the enzyme works the best is followed by food .. The school s that have approved David s law have in place these rules before they are allowed to use David s law them selves and that is as follows 1 A letter must be written by mom or dad stating that they are allowing the student with CF to give there own enzymes and that they have done so at home with very little prompting .. 2 A letter from the CF care team stating that David s law is ok to be used for the CF student and the CF team agrees that they will be safe taking the enzymes on there own with out issues .. 3 A letter from the school nurse signing off saying that she is seeing the letters from required people and she is accepting them with out any issues and that she is approving the request to allow Davids law for this CF student has been approved After that is all complete the school nurse will issue a purple card to them that says David s law on them that way if a staff member of the school sees a student with CF taking enzymes they wont get in trouble because they show this card that says David s law and that will show the teachers that the cf student has the ok by his care team to take his own enzymes this only has to be visible if the teacher asks why they are taking medication with out help. This will cover them in case a sub teacher is in the school or some other helper through out the school .. All school staff will be given a letter about David s law so that everyone is on the same page that way there is very little room for mistakes ... if u are a law maker and you would like to help the Cystic fibrosis David s law team please call us 24 hrs a day 763-280-2137 we are looking for media as well as other massive volunteers we need your help to make this become a fed law thanks everyone for your support please keep sharing god bless your brother always David wagner
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