Demand an End to Animal Electrocution in Mexico!

  • by: Isidro G
  • recipient: President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto

Anywhere in the world there is always going to be too many dogs and cats. Overpopulation of dogs is a serious problem to deal with. There are only two solutions to this: spay/neuter to prevent dogs and cats from reproducing, or euthanizing the stray animals.

It turns out that in Mexico there are many more strays than there are here in the United States. However, there is a far worse problem in Mexico, and that is the electrocution of dogs/cats. It turns out that the drug that is used here in the United States for humane euthanasia is not available to Mexican veterinarians because it is too expensive; they use electrocution because it is cheap and available.

The government must pass a law that makes it illegal to electrocute any animal in Mexico because it is cruel and inhumane. Sign my petition to demand authorities pass this law!

The amount of stray dogs/cats in Mexico is insanely high. Michelle A. Rivera, executive of her own nonprofit organization (Animals 101, Inc. Rivera) who is also a former shelter manager and rescue volunteer coordinator, showed in an article titled "Facts About Street Dogs in Mexico" that "Mexico City authorities report that they capture and kill an estimated 20,000 dogs per month in their city alone. In Manzanillo, a city in Colima, there are more than 16,000 dogs and cats living on the streets."

Imagine all of these dogs are not being killed in a humane manner. The way they die is anything but humane; it is painful and slow. The Compassion without Borders organization has reported in an article titled "Humane Euthanasia Ending Electrocution in Mexico" that "This archaic practice is not only painful and slow, but is also highly unreliable and is often carried out with makeshift equipment in nightmarish conditions. Although federal law in Mexico requires the animals be unconscious or sedated prior to being electrocuted, this legality is virtually never enforced and the animals are almost always electrocuted while fully conscious and aware."

There are many organizations that try to put an end to this horrible act against animals. For example, the Compassion without Borders helps put an end to this by going to Mexico and opening up animal clinics to help cure animals, or if it is necessary, they also euthanize animals. The is organization has been successful in bringing an end to electrocution in the state of Chihuahua. By donating to this organization, you are helping bring an end to electrocution by helping this organization have enough money for humane euthanization in Mexico. This is the only other best option, so it would be a huge help to donate to that organization.

There is still light in this horrid reality. Bringing an end to electrocution in the state of Chihuahua is an accomplishment well earned. However, our goal should be to bring an end to electrocution in all states in Mexico. If veterinarians are forced to end the life of animals, this shouldn't be the way to do it. The least they can do is end their life in a humane way, and not in this cruel inhumane way. Please sign this petition and demand that a law be passed in Mexico that makes electrocution illegal.

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