Stop sexual and emotional abuse by the Transportation Security Administration, TSA.

Please sign this petition to stop the horrendous sexual and emotional abuse by TSA agents and TSA management.  Signing this petition will also help curb the egregious use of power by the TSA to frighten and intimidate every day travelers.  I would like this petition to act as a catalyst to terminate the two TSA agents, Ms. McKnight and Ms. McShreky, at the Birmingham Airport Terminal C who performed the initial two screenings on my lower body so they can never again subject another man, woman or child to the emotional and sexual abuses I suffered on 11/1/12.

I am a 58 year old female with normal female and body anatomy, except two artificial titanium knees which trigger metal detectors. A frequent air traveler, I have been subjected to at least 100 body pat downs with no unusual findings by TSA agents.  For the record, I dislike pat downs and wonder why strangers  are empowered to place their hands on my breasts and private parts between my legs.  

I was subjected to the following horrific abuses:

a) Three pat downs by female TSA agents of my female parts, two so invasive and with so much pressure they were akin to sexual assault. 
b) The first two TSA agents announcing to me and their coworkers, both male and female,  that I had a protrusion in my genitalia which needed further screening.  I am a normal female with normal anatomy, no protrusions, no abnormal growths. 
c) These same two female agents telling their male manager of their fictitious finding (I call it fictitious because there was no irregularity) the left side of my female genitalia  and having him confront and isolate me in front of passengers and other TSA agents. 
d) Having my third waist down pat down in a private room with at least three agents by yet another female TSA agent (in this private screening room I voluntarily pulled off my pants to my underwear to prove there was no protrusion or irregularity). The third TSA agent then found the pat down to be normal with no existence of a protrusion or irregularity in or on my genitalia.
e) After this private screening which showed no irregularities, I was forced to have a metal rod scan my inner thighs and female parts by one of the initial screeners as the third agent who found no irregularities refused the order to rod my female parts.
f) This screening process included three glove residue test which all tested negative for foreign substances. 

During this TSA experience, I was mortified, humiliated, embarrassed, powerless and in shock over the sexual and emotional assault by these TSA agents and their management team. For the record, I was totally compliant for all tests and scans. 

I am still reeling from the abuse I suffered at the hands of these agents and their management. Tears, outrage, embarrassment and humiliation can barely describe the feelings I have experienced.  If a stranger touched me the way the TSA agents touched me, that stranger would be convicted of sexual assault and sent to jail. 

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