The city of San Francisco is a well known tourist and frequently visited city. Often people are pouring into the city to work various online platforms such as uber,lyft, postmates,door dash,and other rideshare and food delivery work. The SFMTA is known for viciously targeting people visiting the city or working in the city. Henceforth why alot of the locals dont own cars. The parking laws are insane. I myself have recieved parking tickets via mail often after the time to dispute and have disputed some before the dispute period in which I have recieved no response. What needs to be understood is the concern for human needs. People have to use the restroom just as a dog would as often seen there. Being pushed often from being in traffic jams can effect ones ability to safely park,find a place to use a restroom facility let alone a clean one so often times people resort to just "going" in public. Situations have occurred where people are told restrooms are for customers only (with a line sometimes in which makes it difficult to make a logical purchase),restrooms are often found filthy,broken or occupied. Every one of us as human beings have to go this should be considered by the city of San Francisco as an exception in emergency situations such as restroom emergencies,emergency phone calls or personal physical emergency situations. For those that are not aware of how these tickets are unlawful ;situations where people that have sensitive allergies have pulled over during a sneezing frenzy and recieved tickets with pictures of thier license plates in the mail. When restroom emergencies occur one can only think of a restroom this should be considered by the city officials. I am proposing that the city pass a city ordinance in which a temporary 20 minute placard similar to a handicap placard is used for those individuals in emergency situations to not be ticketed or towed if the individual is parked in a safe manner,i.e. not blocking a fire hydrant or entrance or exit. I am also proposing that the purchase and downloads of the "Know Before I go SF" app an app of detailed clean restroom locations around the city. This app will be using a percentage of its funding for a non- profit organization that will employ individuals of little to no income as restroom attendants of restrooms located on the app.These solutions can alleviate the load of participating restauraunt employees with the recent delivery boom,also giving those living in shelters a form of income,decrease the amount of public urination,and bring the city revenue by the purchase of the temporary placards.

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