Justice for Noah Chamberlin

  • by: Noah's Voice
  • target: District Attorney of Chester County, TN; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Licensed Medical Examiner

As we all know, 2 year old little precious Noah is now home in heaven. He was found  week after going missing while on a walk in the woods with his grandmother and sister in Pinson TN. Accidents happen and we are all aware of that. I am not saying that it wasn't an accident, But when there are pieces missing and questions that can't be answered then you CAN NOT rule out foul play!!That doesnt mean foul play by his family,because It could be anyone. Please note that I am not accusing any one here. NO ONE!! What I'm saying is that anything could have happened and every possibility should be looked into for this baby!! Noah deserves that!! People should want that!!

As expected, we would have some feedback. So I wanted to address a few things. First of all. My heart deeply goes out to the family of Noah! Unless we have been there we cant imagine how they are feeling.   With that said, I am sure that some of the family has seen this petition. Normally I would write so much in the description area but this petition has went viral extremely fast. I realize how some could take some of this the wrong way and a few words to Noah's family: Our hearts go out to you . I along with the rest of the nation prays daily for you. As for me personally.. Noah grabbed my heart and took it with him. From the day I heard the news i have been torn and even more on the day they found Noah. First i want to tell you that your son, grandson, nephew, and of course brother impacted my life so much. Not only did he impact mine but clearly he has impacted the nation. Noah taught me to hug my children more tight than ever. he taught me to never take advantage of anything because all it takes for a moment to take anything away.I was reminded that the power of faith and love can impact everyone in total different ways. I was reminded why our nation is great. I was reminded that through prayer we can find the strength for anything. And one of many of the most important things that I have learned is that it only takes one person to bring our nation back together in prayer again! Please understand that we are not accusing anyone of anything, I am only wanting people "including you all"to see the many things that are unanswered, and the things that are just the simple impossibilities. I pray that you all see that this is being done for Noah, and Noah's family to. I went to search. However as we were getting ready to head out weather caused it to be suspended. several had begged to volunteer,some even attempted, to look in places that weren't even in the search grid ,just to help, and were threatened with arrest. I hope that you all will see that i have no intentions of hurting/accusing anyone and if questions are answered with reliable answers, Ill be first to apologize. You all are in my prayers. ~Deanna H~

Secondly,the threats are unreal and arent hurting anyone but yourself. God bless you all 

°° I AM NOT A CREATER OR ADMINISTRATOR OF ANY.PAGE  ON SOCIAL MEDIA. °° I.have my opinions placed here and would never allow anyone to openly bash anyone related to this family!!  I have noticed some saying they they believe ruin two pages. YOUR INFORMATION IS INCORRECT. and as many people that are accusing family, remenver that regardless of your opinion, not ago of Noah's family could possibly be quilty. So just remember that he does have grieving family and friends. 


I want to give you just a few of the MANY  reasons/questions why this should be investigated by someone other than Chester County sheriff!  These are the people we are expected to trust to protect us, to be honest, to do their job correctly and you could see straight through this sheriff.  

1. They believe that Noah was walking away even during the search. Ok. Trained Dogs and helicopters with heat detectors were out within a hour or so. How is it possible that the exact same trained dogs that catch criminals, escaped convicts, drugs, bombs, missing children every day within minutes cannot trace the scent of a child that is alive so close to them walking through the woods. Whether it be the scent of himself or urine .
Also the helicopters would have found him immediatly through the body heat detectors if he was there or even the passengers of the helicopter would have seen him , 100s of volunteers and officials were on the ground . How could he have possibly been missed?. These resources are proven very effective. How do they just stop working all of a sudden?? They don't! !! Not 1 but 3 resources that I spoke of.. not including all the other.

2. It is said the sherrif has a close friendship with this family (as proven through social media) which should have automatically required him to step down as leader due to conflict of interest. 

3. Two days before he was found all volunteers search were suspended. LE only. They said  they searched they area in which he was found ,meaning they had trained dogs and helicopters, but he was just on the outskirts of where they searched. well, if correct the helicopter pilot or passenger could see more of the land than searchers could so the outskirts would have been seen. If they searched there, and he was there, he would have been seen.. he was found in a clearing.

And stated through a neighbor of the parents, A van was at their" the parents" home the night before he was found. "NOTE " IM NOT ACCUSING! Just stating what was said. It was also the same night of the community prayer vigil.  Family did not attend the vigil "Said by news reporters and family members on their fb pages"  And the next day a body appeared in a small clearing outside the grid which was previously searched. Has this been investigated? Has this neighbor been spoke to directly? If not why? UPDATE I have more on this that will be sent

4. The state requires any child's death to have a autopsy done by a LICENSED medical examiner.  his autopsy is being done by a LOCAL dr???  UPDATE local M.D. gave "preliminary autopsy " reports as hypothermia, However, the full autopsy report should take 8 to 16 weeks to get back.  How long had he been deseaced? 
5. If officials were there in the woods that fast then they would have heard him cry out. by that time he would have been scared. and i cant be certain but i would quess the helicopter was searching more than a gridded area in the beginning. being that they expected him to be walking away as they were searching within that amount of time he couldnt have gotten that far in the "dangerous terrian" they spoke of.

6. The logger said his equipment is directly across the road from the home.  If he was playing on the equipment, those sensors in those helicopters would have alarm detecting where he was . He was in a clear area.  

7. Where is the 911 recording. It is said that sheriff was called in cell. 

So Either all these resources oddly failed that first day through the 7th day (highly unlikely) or this sweet baby wasnt in those woods at all... again these resources work every day all day long, but quit when noah went missing??? No!! This is all wrong . This whole incident doesn't add up! . And it doesnt take a professional to determine that there were missing imformation, and simply the impossiblitiy of this 2 year old sweet baby not being found the first day of searching if he was in these woods.

!!!!!More information along with questions will be sent with my petition letter. Certain things I didnt want to post publically due to the privacy of others. Please know that ALL information will be sent in with my final petition!!

I have emailed the medical examiner myself and I'm hoping that you all will too to request his autopsy be done by Nashville forensic medical examiner, IF it hasn't already,  which is normally where this happens at. Also have emailed the district attorney pleading for a farther investigation and I hope you all will join me in this. We have a voice ! And WE ARE OUR CHILDRENS VOICE! !! Noah is worth looking into every possibility of what might have happened to him. And through us we can make that happen. SO LET'S GIVE NOAH JUSTICE!!!!please share this petition and let the world know that commen sense can go along way. Pieces aren't adding up. Sherrif was clearly very oddly defensive when asked about this family. Let's get justice!!

Attention: Chester Ciunty District Attorney, Forensic licensed medical examiner of Tn., FBI 


This letter is to inform you of a petition to further investigate the disappearance and death of Noah Isreal Chamberlin. As we understand that there are protocols to every situation , it is easy to understand how nothing added up with any of the story. We kindly and desperatly ask you to please consider every possibility on what happened to him. He deserves it. We can all agree that parts of this case are impossible to believe and all these used resources  are proven effective. They find criminals, missing children, drugs, bombs etc.. it isn't possible for every one of these resources to just oddly fail when it comes to finding Noah. We are begging ..for all to be looked into. Common sense can take us a long way. I understand speculations come all about. But I have statements from actual people involved in this. We ask for a farther investation. I am aware of all the speculations and common sense let's us know which to follow. I have statements from Neighbors and logging owner. And I understand and have knowledge to know that if there is any doubt/ missing pieces  in a case then you cannot rule foul play out sir.  Our job as a community and nation is to speak for our children. And over 15 thousand other people agree. Once again please take into consideration that something else happened . All the story is not there. The sherriff should have stepped down due to conflict of interest. Close friends with family is too close. Our minds block things when it comes to family and friends resulting in why we have such things as "Conflict of Interest" This is our plea to you who can make the difference. I have statements of things taking place the night of the prayer vigil for Noah that will be included.  The area of his finding was searched previously with resources that would have tracked him even if it was out of grid area. it was still more than close enough for a scent. Body waste scent would have been picked up by dogs. Helicopter should have pointed him out immediatly being that it was stated he was in a clearing . But they got nothing. All of a sudden there is a body found in the same search area that was searched the day before.  Also stated from authorities the description of position he found in were 2 different ones. Sherriff said fetal position as if he layed down and went to sleep. Other authorities said face down. It was reported that his body wasn't cold. And that he had no scratches or cuts on him.  How is that possible when grown adults were getting hurt in that terrain? Included will be attachments of proof and statements.  I ask that this be carefully considered. As you will see in the attachments, I have proof of some of the actual lies that were being told by Sheriff Blair Weaver himself. I Pray that you can see that there is more to this than a horrible accident. There are criminal charges for Noah's dad Jacob Chamberlin, with alias names used. His grandfather James Robertson , with alias names used, And a woman buy the name of Jana Robertson who has a criminal record and order of supervision of any children.   Jana Robertson Bauchwitz has last known address same as Grandparents of which Noah was in care of.This history of Drug, neglect,etc should be looked into before foul play being ruled out. Please take into consideration all the attachments. This innocent voiceless toddler deserves justice whether it be family or authority or sadly possibly both. Again thanks so much and will be waiting for your responce. We the public trust that this will be granted and a investigation opened. And some answers. Not because we personally deserve them but because we depend on these very authorities to protect and serve us correctly and are voicing out to reach you to seek justice for little Noah Chamberlin.


Thanks so much 

Respectfully,  [Deanna Hall] and  tens of thousands of Noah's supporters

Update #31 years ago
Hey guys, this is the only place you will get updated from me. I am not related to any fb pages. Feel free to contact me through here with any thing. A plan B is in place in case of the expected refusal. If you have facts not hearsay then please send to me. Thank you
Update #21 years ago
The Petition has been updated , with new information and new notes. Please Share again. Thanks again for being a voice heard!
Update #11 years ago
You all have made this possible. Thank you guys so much. Just wanted to update on what I'll be doing.. tomorrow , toward the end of the day I'm gonna send emails out to all three. Also I am gonna print and have it stamped amd send through mail again. I'm not sure when I'll get a response back but I'm certain they will have to respond. :) as soon as I get a response I will update fb and also send a update through here. Again, thank you all and let's keep it going
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