Stop Chinese Fur Farming!

Chinese fur farms are "farms" that keep up to hundreds of animals, in small wire cages for their whole lives, The animals are usually beaten or tortured to the point where the are paralyzed or too injured to fight back. They are then skinned alive. Many animals are still conscious and alive after they have been skinned, and as they struggle to breathe, their hearts can be seen rapidly beating. 
It is not only wild animals used in fur farming, but domestic animals too, such as rabbits, chinchillas, cats, and dogs! Many dogs still have their collars on, as well, showing that they were once loved companions, but then kidnapped from their homes our rounded up off the street as strays. Just because they are animals, it does not mean they don't have rights. 
We, the Undersigned, urge the Chinese government to pass laws that require that all animals in fur farms be treated humanely, live in respectable shelters, and die by humane methods.
What is currently happening in the fur farms is just not not acceptable. The workers are treating animals like dirt, keeping them in small wire cages for their short lives, before torturing them. And then skinning them. ALIVE!! We deeply urge you to create laws that make it manditory for these workers to treat these animals humanely. Please make the right decision.
Thank you,
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