Kentucky Fried Cruelty

  • by: Peta2
  • target: Kentucky Fried Chicken

  If KFC abused dogs or cats as it does chickens, the company could be charged with cruelty to animals. More than 850 million chickens are tortured and killed each year in KFC restauraunts. Birds are crammed by thousands into sheds that smell of ammonia so strong that if u smelled it you would pass out. Each bird is crammed into a space smaller than a piece of notebook paper! Not even enough space to spread one wing for their entire lives! Their legs often break because they are fed drugs thatcause them to grow so quickly that they can't even support thier own weight and their wings get broken when they are thrown into crates by careless workers.
  Did you know that in every chicken in a KFC restauraunt (or anywhere else) that there is a little peice of poop? ITS TRUE!!! One More Reason To Go Veg! Just think of it this way: If you eat chickens you are eating babies.

  Many people are boycotting against it so you can to. If you ever wanted to you could also go out and boycott KFC!! If you ever need anything to start a boycott go to and they will send you stuff FOR FREE!

  I got ALL of my info from Check it out and please take the pledge to go veg!
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