Stop the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association in furthering the Dock/Crop/Dew-claw removal ban

Our Human Rights

Please help preserve our heritage for canine breeds that require docking, cropping or dew claw removal for functional reasons to prevent injury, to enhance their working ability or as a part of their breed standard. To ensure that these procedures are performed by trained Certified Veterinarians in safe, sanitary conditions, it is imperative that individual vets retain their right to continue to offer these services should they wish to do so.

We the undersigned are outraged by the actions of the Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association (CVMA) in removing both our and individuals veterinarians freedom of choice and human rights. Docking, cropping & dew claw removal is good animal husbandry and has been part of our heritage for good reason! It promotes the care, welfare, and safety of many breeds.

Our Story_____________________________________ The dock/crop/dew claw veterinarian ban is a misplaced act of animal welfare. Docking, cropping and dew claw removal are in the best welfare interests of the breed concerned.

We need help in keeping our rights as individuals to have these procedures done by a Certified Veterinarian in safe, sanitary conditions, as well as the rights of the individual Vets that wish to continue to offer these services.

We the undersigned are outraged by the actions of the Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association in removing our human rights and freedom of choice. Docking, cropping & dewclaw removal is good husbandry! (Care, welfare and safety for their chosen Breed.)

Our Story_____________________________________

 Stop the Veterinarian Medical Association in furthering the ban on Cosmetic surgeries

On April 01, 2010, the CVMA successfully banned Docking Cropping and Dew Claw removal in New Brunswick, P.E.I.  and in Nova S . Despite the evidence that had been brought forth to them that D/C/DW are of benefit, in health and function and are not just cosmetic.

Here are a few of the links that give evidence in refuting their claim regarding cosmetic surgeries.                                                          Why Canines are docked         Why Canine breeds are docked

There are many more articles out there speaking on behalf of D/C/DW as being of beneficial and necessary to the working Animal. These bans tend to affect the working Canines of the world.

Research results: many tail problems in canines, resulting in a make shift harness or tail amputation. Make shift harness meaning, harness made by owners in aid to help canines from furthering the damage to their tails.

Field dogs unable to continue tracking in the brush without injury or great blood loss from tail injuries. 

And the largest devastation the results of births for the working dog, up an 80% decline in recent births! That right these bans are causing the extinction of various Canine working breeds. 

 We feel this ban was put into effect under pressure from various animal activist groups. The crop/dock veterinarian ban is a misplaced act of animal welfare. We believe that the opinions and information supplied to the general public was biased and not the total truth.

Is it to be that canines will no longer take part in future careers? A guard dog can't continue to guard if it no longer can continue to offer the same function as prior to the Ban.  

Our Problem________________________________

This ban removes the rights already in place by owners, breeders, admirers and of course veterinarians that wish to continue to offer these procedures within canine species. The effects of these bans in other countries have resulted in injuries, infection, and the depletion of various Canine Species. The feline species has been omitted from the cosmetic clause, and in result cat de-clawing is not considered cosmetic.


We have a big battle ahead of us, to fight for the justice within our human rights. Since these bans took place tragedy is slowly emerging, we have taken steps to document our arguments against the CVMA. While collecting data and statements from every bit of research ever done on Docking Cropping or Dew Claw removal.

We are a small divided group that needs to ban together and fight the Canadian Veterinarian Medical Associations. If we ban together our numbers will become much larger, increasing our chances of being heard.

 Our Goal___________________________

We hope to increase awareness and educate the CVMA on what ethical treatment of animals really means. We need to ensure that the county sees that Docking, Cropping and Dew claw removal is of great importance to the working dog.

This petition is part or our strategy to prevent the CVMA from furthering the ban in Canada and hopefully aid in lifting bans already in place around the world.

To do this, we need your signature in helping make our case against the CVMA. We do not want to benefit from this financially in any way; we just want to uphold our current standards and be able to have the option of employing a Certified Vet to do these surgeries when called for. Since the ban has been released, we have heard several stories in both supports of and against. Because of the costs associated with advertising our case against the CVMA, many pet owners or breeders in similar situations have remained silent, without the financial means to do anything about it.

We want justice for our rights being taken away as individuals, to stand up for what we believe in. As members of the community that pay for vaccines, health testing and treatment. we need to stand up for what is right against people who abuse their positions of authority and send a message that they cannot remove our rights to seek appropriate care and dominate us into changing our standards to what they think they should be. We know we are the little guy, and that the CVMA has bigger pockets than we do, but with your help, we can tell our story and bring education to the public on why it is necessary to have veterinarians be allowed to continue to offer these surgeries and help save our interests of welfare    and the historical heritage in each and every breed.


We appreciate your support, and could not do it without you.

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