Stop The Cull Of Crows and Magpies

    A cull of crows and magpies is soon to be implemented at sites in England, Scotland and Wales.  It is funded by the group, Songbird Survival, who blame Corvids for the decline in certain songbird populations, despite prior studies by the British Trust for Ornithology and the Royal Society for the protection of birds (RSBP).  Both have exonerated Corvids as a cause for songbird decline.  

The Royal Society for the protection of Birds believes the decrease in numbers of songbirds has been caused by the increase use of agricultural chemicals, the destruction of hedgerows and the loss of wild flowers which has led to a loss of nesting areas, lack of food for chicks, and lack of food in the winter.  They found that songbird numbers were no different in places where there were many magpies from places where there were few.

There are  many questional ethical issues concerning the group, Songbird survival.  Many of their members belong to the shooting and hunting fraternity.   The Songbird  Survival group also previously commissioned their own study that had exonerated crows, magpies and raptors from causing song bird populations to decline and yet they ignore their own findings to justify their new hidden agenda.

     Using Corvids as scapegoats is so wrong.  We should be focusing on the real issues such as industrial farming, human population growth, decrease in natural songbird  habitat and the destructive activity of the hunters and shooters themselves.  Corvids have coexisted with other birds for over 30 million years just fine and all thrived.  The group, Songbird survial, want  to kill thousands of these sentient, intelligent birds beginning this March during nesting and hatching season which will cause their babies to cruelly suffer and starve to death in their nest.
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