• by: Alliance for Animal Rights
  • recipient: President of the Republic of Serbia; Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Conservancy; Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection; Ministry of internal affairs; Mayors of cities in Serbia, Embassies of Serbia in EU and EU-Parliament-the Commi

Please order the Government of the Republic of Serbia to act under the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia - to:

Cancel all UNLAWFUL DECISIONS of the government bodies, ministries and municipalities and allow:

-Registration, marking and responsible ownership of pets

-High penalty for animal abuse and animal killing

-Constant, strict control in the entire Republic of Serbia

-Control of reproduction (castration, sterilization)

-Closing down of all state animal shelters (=Murder camps- Zoohygiene)

-Construction of humane shelters following the cheap low-budget Delta-  Type

-Information and enlightenment for the population

This will stop the mass multiplication of pets and their killing, then a violation of human rights of those people who oppose the killing and immoral use of taxpayers money and ensure that all stray cats and dogs to be  humane  taken care of. 

Alliance for Animal Rights

Wir ersuchen sie hoeflichst, die Regierung der Republik Serbien darauf hinzuweisen, sich an die eigene Konstitution der Republik Serbien zu halten 
und die Streichung aller GESETZESWIDRIGER ENTSCHEIDUNGEN von Regierungsmaechten, Ministerien und lokalen Stadtverwaltungen;

Um folgendes zuzulassen:

-Registrierung, Markierung und verantwortungsvolle Haltung aller Haustiere in privater Hand

-Hohe Geldstrafen fuer jegliche Tierquaelerei und Tiertoetung

-Regelmaessige, strenge Kontrollen in ganz Serbien

-Stetige Reproduktionskontrolle (Kastration, Sterilisation)

-Schliessung aller staatlicher Tierasyle  (=Toetungslager-Zoohygiene)

-Ausbau humaner Asyle nach dem kostenguenstigen Delta-Typ

-Mediale Information und Aufklaerung der Bevoelkerung

Nur so wird die Massenvermehrung der Hunde und Katzen verhindert. 
Das Geld der Steuerzahler wird nicht mehr sinnlos verschwendet und die Rechte der Menschen welche gegen die Tiertoetung und Tierquaelerei sind, nicht mehr verletzt. Alle Hunde und Katzen werden human versorgt.

Alliance for Animal Rights

Molimo da nalozite Vladi Republike Srbije da postupi po Ustavu Republike Srbije - da se:

PONISTE SVE NEZAKONITE ODLUKE drzavnih organa, ministarstava i opstina i tako omoguce:

-Obelezavanje, registracija i odgovorno vlasnistvo kucnih ljubimaca

-Visoke kazne za fizicka i pravna lica koji muce i ubijaju zivotinje

-Stroge i redovne kontrole u celoj Srbiji

-Kontrola reprodukcije (kastracija, sterilizacija)

-Zatvaranje logora smrti-takozvanih drzavnih azila (Zohigiena)

-Izgradnja humanih azila po DELTA sistemu, jeftinom niskobudzetnom  gradnjom

-Informacija i edukacija stanovnistva

Time ce se zaustaviti masovno razmnozavanje kucnih ljubimaca i njihovo ubijanje; zatim, krsenje ljudskih prava onih ljudi, koji se protive ubijanju i nemoralnom trosenju novca poreskih obveznika i omoguciti da svi psi i macke  lutalice  budu  humano  zbrinute.

Alijansa za prava zivotinja

Dear Sirs,

Because of the horrendous conditions in the state-animal homes (Murder camps), and the lack of animal protection in Serbia, we ask for your support to shut these homes down. We also demand that these Murder camps shall be transformed into animal homes following the European standard, with a humane animal care and treatment.

The actual conditions are indescribably dreadful. These homes are murder institutions, run by callous and cruel personnel. There the animals suffer unbearable pain until they perish. The Serbian authorities endeavor to follow the EU standards, and remove straying dogs and cats from the streets. The responsible authorities in Brussels perhaps do not know in which way these poor animals are being removed from the streets.
In Serbia, there are no controls or supervision of the so called animal homes ("Zoo-hygiene"). If there are controls, they are carried out by the people who ordered these inhumane and cruel measures. The situation is especially tragic in Central and South-Serbia.

Although there is immense money put at disposal for these homes by local authorities, this money does not serve the animals. Most of this money goes straight to the personnel. The corruption and abuse of the money from the budget is being present here. In Zoo-hygiene homes, which belong to the state garbage collection firms, animal trappers are working: Workers from street cleaning firms, who have no education in this field, and who have no sentiment for animals. Furthermore there are many employees there to be found: secretaries, directors, coffee-servants, and many more idlers who are part of the personnel. They profit greatly from the existence and pain of animals.

At the same time, hungry, sick and scared animals sit in their cages without water and care. Dogs are caught with hunting slings on the street, and oftentimes are strangled, because this is the cheapest way of killing. They say "It happened because the animals were defending themselves."

The dogs, which stay alive get to these torture-centers, are being mixed: small ones together with big aggressive ones, healthy ones with sick ones in cages or boxes with 10-15 animals. There are only 1-2 water bowls for all animals, but these are often filled with urine of the animals. Food from the visitors is the only one present; it is being spilled onto the floor together with the urine and excrement of the dogs. On weekends there are no personnel to take care for the animals, so they lie 2 days without water in their own urine and excrement. On Monday and Tuesday, because of the terrible smell, the personnel pours out chlorine, and the animals - if they hadn't died because of hunger and illness - die slowly poisoned in the corners of their cages! Their bodies are eaten by the other hungry animals!

Every 2-3 days most of the animals vanish. They are killed most cheaply, and then they are buried at the nearby urban waste facility. The rest is kept in cages, to justify the existence of the animal homes, and in order to legitimize the salary of the personnel.

Help us, in shutting down these state murder-camps. We seek for a transformation of these animal homes with human care and treatment following the EU standard. Also, regular control of these homes is necessary - control of the Serbian veterinarians and skilled workers. These controls should be performed by foreign control executors, as long as these homes do not meet EU standards.

We need your help in any way to exert pressure on the Serbian authorities - if necessary all the way to the prime minister! This would serve as an efficient leverage if applied as a crucial condition for Serbia to enter the European Union.

This is highly possible, since there are many animal lovers in Serbia, who are ready to assist. Also, there is enough money from the government and municipal budget available to solve the problem of straying dogs and cats.





Predsedniku Republike Srbije,
Ministarstvu poljoprivrede, sumarstva i vodoprivrede,

Ministarstvu zastite zivotne sredine,

Ministarstvu unutrasnjih poslova,

Gradonacelnicima gradova Srbije,

Ambasadama Srbije u Evropi,

Parlamentu EU -Komisiji za pridruzivanje


S obzirom da su zivotinje osecajna bica , i da smo svi mi deo prirode s kojom moramo ziveti u harmoniji , mi dolepotpisani gradjani sveta , zahtevamo od izvrsne vlasti Republike Srbije da primenjuje vazece zakone, kojima je u Republici Srbiji: Zakonom o veterinarstvu, Zakonom o zastiti zivotne sredine, Krivicnim zakonom:


      1. ZABRANJENO ubijanje i zlostavljanje vlasnickih kucnih ljubimaca i pasa i macaka "lutalica" ,

      1. ZABRANJENO organizovanje, ucesce i finansiranje borbi izmedju zivotinja iste i razlicitih vrsta,

      1. ZABRANJENO unistavanje prirodnih stanista divljih zivotinja i narusavanje harmonije faune i flore u zakonom zasticenim delovima prirode Republike Srbije

    1. ZABRANJENO zlostavljanje "farmskih zivotinja".

Mi, gradjani Evropske Unije , zahtevamo od Parlamenta. EU da , postujuci Kopenhagen Kriterijume i Lisabonski Ugovor, insistira putem Komisije za pridruzivanje , da izvrsna vlast Republike Srbije primenjuje sopstvene zakone, kao vazan uslov za prijem Republike Srbije u clanstvo Evropske Unije.


The President of the Republic of Serbia,

The Ministry of Economy, Forestry and Water Conservancy,

The Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection,

The Ministry of internal affairs,

The Mayors of cities in Serbia,

The Embassies of Serbia in EU,

The EU-Parliament - the Commission of Accession to the EU

As you know, animals are just like humans, living creatures with feelings and emotions. We are all part of nature, and we should strive for living in harmony with each another.

We, the citizens who sign this petition, demand from the executors of the Republic of Serbia, to obey their valid laws: The law of veterinary, The law of environmental protection, And the penal law.

These laws imply:


      1. It is FORBIDDEN:  to murder and abuse pets, dogs and cats, and straying animals.

      1. It is FORBIDDEN:  to organize, to take part in, and to finance competition among animals.

      1. It is FORBIDDEN:  to destroy the natural environment of wild animals; to destroy the equilibrium between the flora and fauna in the nature reserve in the Republic of Serbia.

    1. It is FORBIDDEN:  to torture animals living on farms.

We, the citizens of the European Union, demand from the EU-Parliament, through the committee of accession to the EU and under the obedience of the Copenhagen criteria and the Lisbon-contract, to cause the executors of the Republic of Serbia to obey their own laws.

This should also be a crucial requirement for the Republic of Serbia before entering the European Union.


Den Praesidenten der Republik Serbien,

Das Ministerium fuer Wirtschaft, Forst - und Wasserwirtschaft,

Das Ministerium fuer Oekologie und Umweltschutz,

Das Innenministerium,

Die Buergermeister der Staedte in Serbien,

Die Botschaften von Serbien in der EU,

Das EU-Parlament - die Beitrittskommission

Wie sie wissen, sind Tiere genauso wie Menschen, Lebewesen mit Empfindungen und Gefuehlen. Wir alle sind ein Teil der Natur, und wir sollten anstreben, in Harmonie gemeinsam miteinander zu leben.

Wir, die unterzeichnenden Buergerinnen und Buerger, fordern daher die Vollzugsorgane der Republik Serbien auf, ihre eigenen Gesetze einzuhalten: das Gesetz des Veterinaerwesens, das Umweltschutzgesetz, und das Strafgesetz.

Die oben genannten Gesetze besagen:


      1. Es ist VERBOTEN: das Toeten und der Missbrauch von Haustieren, Hunden und Katzen, und streunenden Tieren.

      1. Es ist VERBOTEN: das Veranstalten, die Teilname und Finanzierung von Wettkaempfen unter gleicher oder verschiedener Tierarten.

      1. Es ist VERBOTEN: die Zerstoerung von natuerlichen Lebensraeumen von Wildtieren, die Zerstoerung des Gleichgewichtes zwischen der Flora und Fauna in den naturgeschuetzten Gebieten der Republik Serbien

    1. Es ist VERBOTEN: die Quaelerei von den auf Farmen lebenden Nutztieren.

Wir, die Buergerinnen und Buerger der Europaeischen Union, fordern das EU-Parlament auf, durch die Beitrittskommission - unter Einhaltung der Kopenhager Kriterien und des Lissabon-Vertrages-Serbien zu veranlassen, dass die Vollzugsorgane in der Republik Serbien sich an die eigenen Gesetze zu halten haben.

Dies sollte geltend gemacht werden, als wichtige Voraussetzung fiur den EU-Beitritt der Republik Serbien in die Europaeische Union.

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